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Shahd Barmada launches her first album Under the sponsorship of Syriatel

2010-01-04 - 07:49 GMT
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Shahd Barmada launches her first album Under the sponsorship of Syriatel

Under the sponsorship of Syriatel Mobile Telecom, the first national telecommunications company in Syria, young Syrian artist Shahd Barmada launched yesterday her first album (Baad Li Sar), produced by Ninar Production Company, at Syriatel’s Service Center in Mazza.
During the ceremony, Barmada signed her album in the presence of a huge public including numbers of her fans, representatives of the sponsoring and production companies as well as many journalists and media persons. The album contains ten songs (Baad Li Sar- Law Kounti Btehlam- La Youshtara- Law Had Shafou- La Tloum- Wayak Habibi- Halti Hala- Rijiit Ayamna- Allah Maak- Tchoufak Aayni), written by a number of great artists including Nizar Francis, Karim Al-Iraqi, Mounir Bou Assaf, Assem Hussein, Hani Al-Saghir, Mustafa Marsi as well as Ikram Assi and composed by Samir Sfeir, Khaled Al-Bakri, Nohad Najjar, Walid Saad and Mohammed Rahim.
After launching the album, Zayn Atassi, media manager of Syriatel Company, said in a special interview with Sham Press: Syriatel’s sponsorship of the album is a continuation of the company’s attention to young talents and their presentation in the best image, in corroboration of the principles of Syriatel as a national Syrian company contributing to the service of the community and youth as well as the national economy. Atassi concluded by confirming that Syriatel will continue to support young talents based on its social responsibility towards youth and with the aim of making talented voices known. “The company is constantly seeking to be one of the leading national companies that contribute to the building of a prosperous future whether by supporting Syrian talents or by participating in various activities.”

From her side, artist Shahd Barmada thanked the sponsoring and production companies. She confirmed that this fruitful cooperation will continue. Concerning her choice of the album songs, she said in a special interview with Sham Press: In choosing the songs, I have opted for special lyrics based on hard musical phrases because this is how I like the audience to see and hear me. She added that she was working on reviving and renewing old songs in addition to preparing new songs of her own that would be similar in style to songs of the good old times. Barmada concluded by confirming that such a big public will place a huge responsibility upon her shoulders to satisfy her audience and fans.
It should be mentioned that Shahd will make a wide tour including the provinces of Damascus, Homs, Latakia and Aleppo, where she will meet her audience and fans in Syriatel’s following service centers:
-          Mazza Service Center- Damascus on 27/05/2009
-          Al-Wathba Club Service Center- Homs on 30/05/2009
-          Baghdad Service Center- Lattakia on 31/05/2009
-          Saadallah Al-Jabiri Square Service Center- Aleppo on 02/06/2009


Syriatel (Arabic: سيريتيل‎) is a privately owned telecommunications company founded in 2000. Syriatel controls 55% of the local mobile telecommunication services market and has the largest subscriber base...

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