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Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei Sign A Cooperation Agreement to Develop Human Capital

2017-11-19 - 09:48 GMT
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

  • Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei Sign A Cooperation Agreement to Develop Human Capital

Mobilk - In what is considered a positive step towards improving efficiency, and promoting creativity at the workplace, Zain Saudi Arabia, and Huawei signed a new agreement to further enhance and train the distinguished human resources at Zain Saudi Arabia.

“Zain Saudi Arabia continues to invest in human capital,” Sultan AlShahrani, Chief Human Resources and Communication Officer at Zain Saudi Arabia, stated after signing the agreement. AlShahrani elaborated that "Zains keen interest goes beyond technical or marketing aspects, and even social responsibility programs. We aim to develop human capital, particularly citizens of distinctive talents, by providing them with training and continuing education opportunities. It is for that reason that Zain Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with Huawei, one of the most experienced technology companies in the world.”

As Zain Saudi Arabia continues to increase the number of nationalized vocations, and improve training, AlShahrani added, "We are fully aware that training and upskilling are some of the most effective investments. In line with our strategic plan, we continue to offer a variety of training and development programs, be they traditional or through training platforms, by working with the worlds most prestigious and experienced companies in field.”

The agreement was signed at Huaweis headquarters in Shenzhen, China. It represents further investment of the strategic partnership between Zain Saudi Arabia and Huawei, as the two parties carry forward collaborative work in various fields.

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Zain is the newest player in the mobile telecommunication market of Saudi Arabia. Zain was established and launched in Saudi Arabia in August 2008 Zain (Arabic: زين‎), is a mobile telecommunication company...

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