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TRA Board of Directors praise TRA’s outstanding efforts in Batelco Separation project and enabling the launch of 5G networks in Bahrain

2019-03-19 - 08:24 GMT
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  • TRA Board of Directors praise TRA’s outstanding efforts in Batelco Separation project and enabling the launch of 5G networks in Bahrain

Mobilk - The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) Board of Directors held their first meeting this year, at TRA’s headquarters in the Seef District.

During the meeting, Board members discussed key issues related to the telecommunications sector; in particular those that are of interest to the general public. This includes the progress of the projects related to the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan (NTP4) and the progress of achieving the NTP4’s objective of establishing the National Broadband Network (“NBN”), which is supported through a single fixed fibre network. These projects are considered important to address consumers’ concerns and promote their welfare, which is a step towards achieving the vision and policy of Bahrain’s leadership.

The Board also discussed updates on the Batelco Separation project and the latest project milestones and deliverables to which they expressed their appreciation to TRA for its outstanding efforts in following up on the latest development of the Batelco separation process and its efforts in delivering the project in an efficient manner.

 The Board also praised the TRA for its efforts in working towards enabling the launch of 5G networks through securing the necessary spectrum and adequate frequency licenses to keep pace with the latest developments in telecommunications technologies and services for the benefit of consumers in Bahrain. This makes it among the first countries in the region to launch a 5G network. 

In addition, the Board discussed the issue related to regulating and rectifying the telecoms towers situation in Bahrain which is of a high importance in the telecommunications sector. They hailed the endeavors and the actions taken by TRA to rectify the telecoms towers situation and find the appropriate solutions in coordination with the concerned government bodies, in particular the development of a rectification plan which focuses on important aspects as a priority among other things. 

Moreover, the Board discussed the latest market indicators in Bahrain which highlight the continued growth of the sector and the rapid increase in using the most advanced telecommunications technologies and services. The Board commended TRA on its leading role in the progress and development of the sector.

The Board expressed their thanks and appreciation to the TRA management and team members for their support and professionalism and outstanding role in developing the sector. 

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