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Zainers get Wonderful

2010-05-25 - 09:41 GMT
Bahrain Bahrain

Zainers heading to Manama’s City Center Mall were treated to a great wet time at Wahooo! the state-of-the-art indoor water park in the mall. The event, which was part of the Zain Wonders campaign, attracted many Zainer families who bonded in the cool, cool environment of water slides, Big Wave outings and water chute fun.

The telecoms giant created an atmosphere of excitement and color for Zainers.


“Family values and fun is at the core of Zain values and we are delighted with the success of our Wonders campaign,” said Corporate Communications Manager Samya Hussain.


The program will unfold in local media with a series of weekly calendars that will list out the events of the week for Zainers to choose their activities from. Watch your local newspapers, listen to the radio and track your SMS-es…you don’t want to miss the Wonders!


Zain Bh

Zain Bahrain is the new name for the telecommunications company, which entered the Bahrain market over the last three years to the forefront with its technical approach and innovative marketing. Zain Bahrain is the...

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