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Nawras gives free Home Broadband to teachers and higher education students

2011-09-12 - 09:31 GMT

Mobilk - Nawras is delighted to announce a fantastic offer of free Home Broadband for teachers and high school students.  The offer supports the Information Technology Authority’s national PC initiative, driven by His Majesty’s wise vision to transform the Sultanate and create a knowledge based society in Oman.  


Students and teachers can benefit from this great opportunity to get online with a free modem and the Nawras Bronze plan giving 1GB of free data for three months.  For the following nine months, students and teachers who are enjoying this offer will receive a 50 percent discount off the regular monthly tariff of 9 Omani Rials. 


Like all Nawras Home Broadband customers, students and teachers will also be able to enjoy a free home telephone connection with no monthly line rental fees to pay.  Should any student or teacher require an outdoor modem for optimum coverage, the installation will be carried out at no charge.


Importantly, Nawras is also including friendly, reliable post-sales service for free as part of this education plan which is designed to support the growth and spread of information technology for educational purposes.


Commenting on this initiative, Ahmed Tabook, Head of Products & Services, said, “Nawras fully supports the PC initiative driven by the ITA and the wisdom behind it, recognising this as being an important part of the efforts to bolster the further development of the educational sector in Oman.  Through our cooperation with the ITA and various governmental bodies, we are pleased to contribute in this key area, to the benefit of local communities all over the country.”






Powered by the latest WiMAX technology, Nawras Home Broadband is offered to all other customers through a range of monthly plans ranging from Bronze for nine Omani Rials up to the Platinum plan at 24 Omani Rials including unlimited data.  Currently, all new customers choosing a Platinum, Gold or Silver Nawras Ajel Home Broadband plan can also take advantage of a free internet modem.


Nawras also offers a weekly option through the prepaid Silver plan for 5 Omani Rials.  Full details of all plans can be seen by visiting the company’s website at or any Nawras Store.


Nawras WiMAX technology provides internet access for more than 86% of households in the Sultanate with many families and businesses now able to access the internet for the very first time through this simple plug and play service. Developing and encouraging e-services for both business and recreational purposes, Nawras makes it easy to buy, get help and pay.


Oman’s customer friendly operator is committed to enriching the lives of people in Oman through better communication services and dedicated to delivering the latest technology supported by award-winning, pleasingly different service.

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