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Samsung Genoa Rather than C3510 Corby Pop in Europe

2010-03-03 - 02:05 GMT

Samsung Genoa Rather than C3510 Corby Pop in Europe

It turns out that the Samsung C3510 Corby Pop will be making its way out of India after all. Renamed to Samsung C3510 Genoa it is joining the ranks of the ever-expanding Samsung Corby line. Despite sitting at the bottom of the range it brings social networking and music prowess, which should keep most of its target audience happy.

The Samsung S3650 Corby is an entry-level touch phone with modern styling but the Samsung C3510 Genoa takes this even further. The colorful "Fashion Jackets", which define the S3650 Corby seem to have been cut for the sake of a lower price though.

The key differences between the Samsung C3510 Genoa and the S3650 Corby are that the Genoa has a resistive touchscreen instead of capacitive one and a 1.3MP camera (the Corby has a 2MP camera). The Samsung C3510 Genoa has a grown a 3.5mm audio jack and is almost a millimeter thicker, but that's about all the differences between the two.

The screen on the Samsung C3510 Genoa is 2.8" with QVGA resolution, DNSe is still on board as well as a microSD card slot for cards up to 8GB (hot-swappable), which make the Genoa quite capable of serving as a dedicated music player.

With social networking integration with live updates, the Samsung C3510 Genoa will keep even the Facebook, MySpace and Twitter enthusiasts happy with widgets on the homescreen, which display status updates and let you post updates yourself. You can check out our Samsung Corby review for more details on these widgets.

The Samsung C3510 Genoa relies on quad-band GSM/EDGE for Internet connectivity, but aside from uploading photos to Flickr or Picasa (which is easy thanks to the built-in Communities app) status updates are hardly traffic intensive.

It's still listed as upcoming and should be available this month for about 100 euro (150 US dollars). Right now, it's available on Turkish online store for 329 Turkish liras (220 US dollars or 150 euro).



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