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Sagem to launch Puma phone in 2011

2010-05-02 - 06:35 GMT

Sagem to launch Puma phone in 2011


Sagem and Puma unveiled their first phone only a couple of months back but, apparently, the Puma Phone 2 (or whatever it name will turn out to be) is already in the works. And, reportedly, it will come with the Android OS on board.

The next-gen Puma Phone will run a customized Android OS and is expected to offer quick access to news and social network and to make shopping easier. It will be more affordable than the current Puma Phone (which will start selling any moment now for about 400 euro).

By the way, the new device should appear in 2011 and at some point there will also be sold under other major brands in order to reach a wider range of customers.


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