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Cheapest Transportation App “Easy Taxi” Raising the Quality of Public Transportation in Jordan

Passenger Rating Help Improve Quality of Service
2016-08-23 - 07:42 GMT
Jordan Jordan

  • Cheapest Transportation App “Easy Taxi” Raising the Quality of Public Transportation in Jordan

Easy Taxi was established in Brazil, 2011, to be the first -- And currently biggest -- application-based startup that eases transportation for both drivers and passengers. The application uses GPS and real time data propagation to help taxi drivers finding a passenger and vice versa. The application was launched in Amman, Jordan in 2014.

With the latest controversy regarding similar apps in Jordan; Easy Taxi is clarifying that the business model through which they operate is completely different from its pears. The application connects the passenger with conventional taxi cabs instead of only rental or private cars, thus stimulating the demand and usage of local transportation means for the greater good of the sector. And although Easy Taxi is providing the cheapest possible technology enabled transportation services in the market, they are now announcing the reduction of service fees again to fit the local consumer more.

“Our overall mission promises a positive impact on the three main pillars of taxi services in Jordan; Passengers, drivers and the public transportation sector.” Said Hasan Abughosh, Easy Taxi Jordan Marketing Manager. “With quality control procedures taken at Easy Taxi, we aim to leverage local taxi services for the public. This is done by giving benefits to drivers, and incentives to ones who follow the quality standards. We also ask users to contribute in the processes by staying in touch with them on regular basis, asking them to report any violations.” Hasan added.

Instead of creating competition for local taxi drivers, Easy Taxi’s model takes what’s already legalized to the public and enhances the services for passengers; ultimately increasing the income of drivers and positively reshaping the image of public transportation. 


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