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Digitalisation: Unlocking the Potential of SMEs in Oman

2018-03-04 - 11:38 GMT
Oman Oman

Mobilk - Mobilk - Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s) are known for their potential to support a nation’s economy and the 23,000+ registered SME’s in Oman are an absolute asset. Understanding the importance of its ability to create much needed jobs in the country whilst contributing to national income and revenues, Ooredoo has focused a sizable amount of their brand strategy to support SME’s by way of promoting the benefits of digitalisation to unlock their full potential.

Digitalisation is the process of changing a current business model to incorporate various digital strategies and technology into the company. The objective is to use available technology to generate new revenues and value-producing opportunities in a more efficient and affordable manner. The benefits to SMEs embracing digitalisation are endless and include opportunities to compete against larger organisations, automating time-consuming tasks and transforming into a highly productive and efficient enterprise, to name just a few. These advantages will not only be conducive to the further development of the SMEs but will also bring about new experiences for their customers.

Sultan bin Ahmed Al Wahaibi, Chief Business & Wholesale Officer at Ooredoo said, “We understand that start-ups and SMEs are playing a key role in developing new ideas and jobs that enable Oman’s digital economy. Dynamic innovation needs strong technology support, connectivity and trusted partners for sustainable growth. Ooredoo’s experience as an enabler and our understanding of the digital shift, positions us to service the evolving needs of this community and believe our efforts to highlight this factor through our branding is a testament to our commitment”.

He added, “Our focus towards digitalisation is imbedded to all of our propositions so that we too play a role in empowering start-ups and SMEs to catalyse innovation and fast track growth through digitalisation”.

Over the years, Ooredoo has consistently been at the forefront of supporting businesses in Oman, serving customers across a multitude of economic sectors. The company’s tailored solutions are shaped to transform businesses of all sizes towards digitalisation and help them achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the Sultanate’s development.  For more information on Ooredoo’s commitment towards digitalisation, please go to:

Ooredoo Om

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