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Ooredoo Celebrates Success of 14th Goodwill Journey

2018-06-07 - 12:11 GMT
Oman Oman

  • Ooredoo Celebrates Success of 14th Goodwill Journey

Mobilk- Ooredoo celebrated the end of their flagship CSR activity as the 14th annual Goodwill Journey came to and end. Focusing its efforts on both cyclone-hit Salalah as well as the Northern governates, during the second week, this year’s Goodwill ambassadors visited a total of 10 towns to establish new community projects and support existing Ooredoo programmes.

“The Goodwill Journey would not be able to impact as many individuals, families or children without the commitment of our dedicated volunteers or assistance from our trusted partnerships with the Omani Women’s Association, the Ministry of Social Development, the Al-Wafa Rehabilitation Centres for Disabled Children and our other long-standing organisations. It is because of this united effort that together we have been able to help those affected by cyclone Mekunu and in other areas, over 60 underprivileged families who have received donations and improved living conditions. We have also empowered hundreds more women by opening four women’s incubators and improved the lives of over 500 children with disabilities and special needs”, said Raed Mohammed Dawood, Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs at Ooredoo.

The 14th GWJ had two new defining initiatives; the introduction of the free educational digital app and its newest collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD). The digital platform was designed to give young and old access to a variety of learning resources such as school, software and English courses. Whereas, the addition of the MOSD, meant that the community’s less fortunate families would get the help they deserved or their homes refurbished.

Under this year’s theme of ‘sustainability’, Ooredoo Oman will provide support by opening a computer lab, a carpentry workshop and a sensory skills room at the Al-Wafa Rehabilitation Centres for Disabled Children in Al Amerat after Eid. In doing so, they gave numerous educational and therapeutic benefits to the children there. Also attending to current endeavors the volunteers extended the incubator programme in Al Burimi, Izki, Samail and Maqshen. Women in those locations can receive vocational skills training in [computer, cooking, beauty, sewing, handicrafts & Frankincense Project preparing them to enter the workforce or start businesses of their own. This year’s donations included providing mobility and speech equipment to enhance the lives of people with special needs and supplying electrical appliances to families. 

The team will also be spreading awareness of the Oman Digital Tutorial app, launched during the Goodwill Journey, to all the associations, centres and communities visited. Furthermore, the chairperson of the Manah Association, Khalsa Al Tobi, will be giving sessions on her success story from her incubator attendance in Manah, for the new incubator that will be opened there.          

Reflecting on the last week, Khadija Al Aufi, Ooredoo volunteer said, “This was my first time participating in Ooredoo’s Goodwill Journey but it certainly will not be my last. Travelling to Salalah and engaging with the community was a humbling experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering volunteering next year”. 

Established in 2005, the annual Goodwill Journey is the cornerstone of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Taking place during the Holy month, the volunteers reflect on the giving spirit of Ramadan and directly assist hundreds of families and people at each place they visit. The initiatives implemented are developed with a focus on the future and the creation of having a positive long-term impact.

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