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Can I have an Android please

2011-08-08 - 10:49 GMT

  • Can I have an Android please


Mobilk - Mobile device operating systems have created a cult-like following amongst consumers. If you reveal the type of mobile device you have, you are more than likely to get into an endless battle over which is the best. Most operating systems available in the market today are efficient, aesthetically designed, pragmatic and loaded with features. However, there are certain areas where one platform has an edge over the other. The Android operating system’s unique specifications such as Flash compatibility, processing speed and its strategy with an open platform have resulted in many consumers and vendors choosing the Android over any other platform. 


According to data released in May 2011 by Nielsen research company, Android remains the most popular operating system on smartphones. Last year, Android had only 9% of the market, but in the same period this year, it has 36%. The increase of interest in Android based devices stems from several unique factors: 


Manufacturer fan base

An increasing number of manufacturers opt for Android as their operating system. Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google said  that half a million Android devices are being activated every day. Google’s Android strategy to collaborate with manufacturers such as Samsung has increased the credibility of Android devices. The latest platform released, Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is the operating system on Samsung’s newest Smartphone, the Galaxy S II.  Recent sales figures show mainstream users favoring Android powered devices. This is evident by the fact that Samsung alone has sold 5 million units of the Galaxy SII within 85 days of its launch. 


Open source platform

With open source software, tech-savvy users can get access to the source of the Android operating system and enhance it.  Developers around the world analyze the code and usually do an excellent job in discovering and reinforcing security vulnerabilities; hence, improving the quality of the platform. Open source software is cost effective, has better value and increased security. In addition, consumers are usually thrilled to see the choice of different applications and modifications that can be implemented on Android devices compared to other operating systems.


Flash compatibility

According to WIRED, Flash is on more than 90 percent of all browsers and the platform claims more than 3 million developers worldwide. With such irrefutable facts, Android was the first operating system to embrace the Flash platform. As many restaurants, fashion websites and movie trailers adopt Flash to display their media content, users can seamlessly browse without limitations. In addition, Flash does not drain battery life on new generation products such as the Samsung Galaxy tablets with its 7000mAh battery.



Android’s multi-tasking features progressively improve with each updated version and the Honeycomb 3.1 on the Samsung Galaxy tablet is no exception. It increases productivity by allowing you to perform different functions at the same time. Users can view multiple panels in the same application and browse the web just as they would on the PC. Users can be more efficient and productive by utilizing the Mini Apps, a multitasking feature which allows you to easily access commonly-used features such as calendar, PenMemo, World Clock, Calculator or Task Manager close at hand - to be launched as a pop up over full screen applications. In addition, the Android Market offers a wide variety of applications for downloading. 

The Android operating system is guaranteed to turn a few heads.  The platform’s efficiency, security and adaptability will keep you entertained in your cross-Atlantic flight, or simply at home.  So, the next time you see a turf war about to start, rest assured that your Android based device will rise up to the challenge.  


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