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‘Healthy-Spoon’ App Places 3rd at Springboard’s Seventh Wave of Graduates

Ooredoo Encourages Omani Talent
2018-06-04 - 11:11 GMT
Oman Oman

  • ‘Healthy-Spoon’ App Places 3rd at Springboard’s Seventh Wave of Graduates

Mobilk - Promoting healthy eating and nutrition, Ooredoo awarded team ‘Healthy-Spoon’ 3rd place at the Springboard programme. Addressing malnutrition and diseases associated with it, the group developed a mobile app allowing nurseries to order healthy meals for children, quickly and easily. The healthy homemade meals are prepared by Omani ladies who are dedicated to supporting the ‘Healthy-Spoon’ initiative. 

Misloun Said Al Badia, team leader of ‘Healthy-Spoon’, said: “Our Springboard project gave us valuable skills which we can use in our personal and professional lives; the team worked in a cohesive manner towards a clearly stated objective. We are really pleased with Ooredoo’s recognition as it reflects our teams’ hard-work. The team and I wanted to present an easy digital solution whereby mothers and nurseries can acquire healthy meals conveniently. The inspiration behind ‘Healthy-Spoon’ was derived from our passion to have a healthy society; which is why we focused our efforts on infants and children”. 

Users will be prompted to determine the quantity and type of meals desired, and the app will coordinate with the Omani ladies and have the meals delivered to the specified location. Built on the same concept, ‘Healthy-Spoon’ will have a second phase which will focus on the healthy nutrition of adults. The ‘Healthy Spoon’ app can be downloaded for free from both the Apple store and Google Play.

In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and the British Council, Ooredoo developed the Springboard Programme to provide everyone with an opportunity to reach their full potential. In over 46 countries, Springboard has been introduced to over 252,287 women through 408 accredited global trainers. To date, 1000 and plus graduated from Ooredoo’s Springboard programme to lead a prosperous, healthy, and a productive life. 

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