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TRA uses public support to develop the content of the Official Portal of UAE

In applying the principle of "crowdsourcing "
2018-09-19 - 11:05 GMT

  • TRA uses public support to develop the content of the Official Portal of UAE

Mobilk - In applying best global practices to enhance effective government-customer participation, the TRA has launched a promotional campaign to enrich content of the Official Portal of UAE Government, relying on the "crowdsourcing" method, where it allows users to contribute to content editing and development with their ideas and suggestions, as well as providing any information unavailable on the Portal, and correcting any language errors that may exist.

The campaign has been a remarkable success, with the number of entries reaching 7847 during the first four months. The Portal management team has studied and analyzed these posts, summarized them in the form of queries and addressed them to relevant government entities. Based on these queries and suggestions from Portal users, more than 60 topics have been added and updated in different areas of the portal.

Commenting on this campaign, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said: "Due to the rapid development of ICT and the ease of communication between governments and customers, crowdsourcing or community collaboration has become a successful method of achieving community goals that matter to people. This approach relies on individuals participation to volunteer their efforts in group to serve a goal, case or project.

"The TRA is keen to take the lead in crowdsourcing where it has launched the UAE Hackathon in January 2018, bringing together more than 781 participants, 213 volunteers, 58 observers and 46 trainers. The participating teams have come up with more than 60 viable ideas in different areas of life, in order to make people happy and raise the quality of life." H.E. added.

In this context H.E. Salem Al Hosani, Acting Deputy Director General of the Information and Smart Government Sector, said: "As the UAE government seeks to achieve global leadership in the Online Service Index (OSI), the TRA applies latest global practices to enhance e-participation, which is a component of the OSI. We came sixth globally in the OSI, and we are working to achieve further progress by 2020 to make the UAE a regional and global role model in digital transformation. The UAE government seeks to shift from a government to people approach to a government with people approach, which relies primarily on peoples participation in decision-making and policy-setting, as underscored by our wise leadership that the whole community is the real team and the government is the executive arm of projects and initiatives, and that society can shape the future."

The TRA has revamped the Portal in accordance with the latest standards in April 2017, where it made substantial updates to match global developments and local needs. The portal team has conducted many user experience tests to monitor their needs and incorporate such needs into the business requirements of the new version in areas such as content, design and accessibility of information and services to different groups of society, especially people of determination.

The Official Portal of the UAE Government consists of four main sections, including information and services, UAE, e-participation and media. The information and services section covers many topics such as employment, investment, tourism, infrastructure and visa systems, as well as a full list of all government services in the UAE. The second section covers the history of the UAE in its various eras, also covers UAEs plans and strategies for shaping the future and achieving overall development. This section also addresses UAEs efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. In the e-participation section, there are many channels of communication with the UAE government, including feedback platforms, instant chat, and others.

The portal is the gateway to UAE governments electronic presence. It includes a large amount of information of interest to those seeking government services, policies, decisions and projects, as well as links to online/smart government services. The portal also embodies the principle of positive interaction between the government and the public through multiple channels of communication that contribute to content development and improve portal functions based on public feedback.

The portal is an integrated platform that brings together all the e-Services provided by government entities in the UAE. In recent months, the portal ranking on search engines has jumped to the top results for many of the keywords used by users in their search for information and services provided by the UAE government.

The TRA published a questionnaire to make it easier for users to provide information and invited them to report any missing information in the portal or wrong information should be corrected or duplicate information to be deleted.

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