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STC interconnects Saudi schools via new technologies

2012-01-23 - 10:00 GMT
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

STC interconnects Saudi schools via new technologies

Mobilk - In line with the strategic partnership between the Saudi Telecom Company STC and Saudi governmental sectors, in order to create technology-friendly environment for communications and IT and providing it with the latest innovative techniques of communication, STC put at avail the service of networking interconnection (IP/VPN) for the buildings and utilities related to the Ministry of Education all over the Kingdom and interconnected, even, the remotely situated schools through V-SAT, a fact that enable them to be in connect with the Ministrys headquarters (Data Center) to access information and write down the markings through the Ministrys programme (Nour-Faris).



Valuing the efforts exerted by STC, Minister of Education Prince Faisal bin Abdullah Al Saud visited STCs office at the Ministry, he was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Sabti and the Supervisor General of IT at the Ministry Dr. Jarallah Al-Ghamdi in addition to a host of the Ministry senior officials, who were welcomed by STC offices staff at the Ministry of Education.


The Minister was briefed but in detail on providing STCs service for Nour-Faris programme and acquainted to the great role played by STC to promote and enhance serving standard at the Ministry, as well as the bilateral strategic partnership between the Ministry and STC to secure IP/VPN networking interconnection, Kingdom-wide.


The Minister lauded STC role to provide the Ministry with distinct services, thus contributing to the positive overhaul of the Ministry projects, demanding that such strategic partnership should, continuously, be reactivated and more efforts should be, similarly, exerted to connect all Ministrys sites and schools with FIBER service to enable the Ministry to promote education, more broadly and rapidly.


Saudi Telecom Company, STC (Arabic: شركة الاتصالات السعودية‎) is a Saudi Arabia-based telecommunications company that offers landline, mobile and Internet services. STC (Saudi Telecom) is the...

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