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Asiacell launches personalized customer solutions using Ericsson innovation

2012-11-11 - 11:00 GMT
Iraq Iraq

  • Asiacell launches personalized customer solutions using Ericsson innovation

Mobilk - Asiacell, a provider of quality mobile telecommunications services in Iraq, and Ericsson have announced a three year contract which will see the Iraqi telecoms operator utilizing Ericssons Charging & Billing in One system. Under the agreement, Ericsson will do systems integration and provide business transformation consultancy services.

Using Ericssons innovative solution, Asiacells customers will have enough flexibility to seamlessly move from one service to another, trying out new experiences as they go and still feel in control of what they are paying for and how they are billed rather than being limited by the available technology and payment options. 

"Asiacells network covers 96% of the Iraqi population, making our national coverage the most extensive of any Iraqi mobile telecommunications operator," said Mohamed Baban, Asiacell CTO. "From passive to active, the role of the customer has shifted impacting the whole industry. People increasingly expect transparency, control and individualization of their experience and this is what we are planning to provide while adopting new technologies and solutions such as Ericssons billing solution. This reflects our commitment to continuously provide world-class services to our customers as we work towards a seamless customer experience that meets their demands." 

"We envision a world where everything that can be connected will be, which will create an incredibly intricate web of technology, services, partnerships and customers that all need to be handled effectively if they are to generate revenue," said Anders Lindblad, President, Ericsson, Region Middle East. "With our billing system and our Consulting and Systems Integration capabilities, Asiacell is taking the necessary steps to be ready for this connected world, by transforming its business systems now. We are confident that Asiacell will continue to provide its customers with an excellent mobile experience with the help of our latest innovative technology."

This agreement marks the beginning of a new partnership between Asiacell and Ericsson and will enable Asiacell with the maximum flexibility required to deliver a wide range of new marketing initiatives and multiservice offerings for over 9 million subscriber base and will cater for the envisioned data traffic explosion and the fast evolution of the ICT industry in Iraq.


Asiacell, the first mobile telecommunications company in Iraq, was established in the city of Sulaimaniya in 1999 by the well-known entrepreneur Mr. Faruk Rasool, and is today the only national Iraqi telecom network...

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