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Singapore Based Flabuless Launched in the UAE Helps Employers Promote Healthy Lifestyle

2015-11-22 - 12:33 GMT

  •  Singapore Based Flabuless Launched in the UAE Helps Employers Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Mobilk - Flabuless, a full-fledged web-based platform and mobile application (IOS and Android) encourages users to keep fit by rewarding them based on physical and health related activity. A brand new and innovative tool for employers, it helps engage employees in individual and team fitness challenges.  Launched in the UAE by Singapore based Rewardz, Flabuless has a mobile app-based steps tracker and also works seamlessly with popular fitness devices. 

Flabuless enables organizations to maintain their brand identity and remain close to the stakeholders by providing a fully customized white-labelled platform with real-time, in-built group reports that help employers understand and take control of the employees’ wellbeing.  Built as a rewards programme, Flabuless showcases some of the best wellness merchants in the UAE who offer year-long discounts and free giveaways based on the user activity. 

“As part of a team that already addressed the gap in Singapore’s employee engagement landscape, we strongly believed that the UAE presented tremendous opportunities for the launch of Flabuless.  Our revolutionary, new age corporate wellness platform is ideally positioned to manage rising employee healthcare costs and helps create more productive workplaces. The growing emphasis on making employees healthier was the driving force for the expansion of Flabuless franchise in the Middle East,” said Jaya Maru, Co-Founder, Flabuless. 

Flabuless has seen a fitting launch in the region with the incorporation of the platform into UAE’s leading financial institution - Mashreq’s recently launched employee wellness brand Sahtak. Mashreq in partnership with Flabuless is running a month long  Step Up Challenge for its employees who have downloaded a custom build Sahtak mobile app developed by Flabuless to track their steps, earn and redeem rewards. Competing in teams of five, participants will be motivated by real-time individual and team based leaderboards on the mobile app to continue staying active and win the steps challenge.

Ashok Gopal, Head of the Employee Engagement program at Mashreq commented, “As an organization recognized for its world-class engagement culture, Mashreq pays a lot of attention to the wellbeing of its staff. Mashreq launched a staff wellbeing program called Sahtak earlier this year, a program that encourages and motivates all staff to make wellness and health related actions a part of their lifestyle. The Sahtak programme consists of a series of initiatives including workshops, road shows and health screening, all targeted at helping employees to get more active and healthy. The Mashreq Sahtak Step Up Challenge which coincides with World Diabetes Day, is a month long step challenge, aimed at getting staff to walk, a simple but essential lifestyle habit to build health and to manage common health conditions. The integration of the Flabuless platform into this challenge is a key part of this process, bringing a fun element into a serious wellness endeavour.”

“With Flabuless users can also earn points by checking-in to health related locations such as gyms, sports complexes, healthy eateries etc and events. This is aimed to drive a sustained behavioural shift to healthy living. Employers are also able to send push notifications to employees and allow registration, RSVP for staff events through the app.” added Ms. Maru.

Companies can use the Flabuless platform to run short term health challenges, like the month long Step Up Challenge by Mashreq or support corporate wellness programs on an annual basis. Flabuless have also partnered with Ignite Corporate Wellness to provide core wellness services such as health screenings, workshops, group exercise classes and team building events to deliver holistic wellness program for clients.


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