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Making Information and Communication Technology (ICT) a central part of efforts to decrease CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide) output has the potential to reduce..

New research from Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has suggested that mobile penetration is outpacing births rates across the Middle East. According to the..

Thanks to mobile broadband, an ever-increasing number of people and devices are connected. This phenomenon provides more opportunities for operators,..

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in consumer digital information security, announced three new apps for Windows 8 available through the..

McAfee today released the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012, which found the biggest increase in malware samples detected in the last four..

A new report from Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), has revealed that people in large cities, such as Riyadh or Jeddah, consider mobile network coverage among..

Everybody’s talking about the consumerisation of IT and BYOD, but why should it affect you and what are the security risks? This short,..

For those who think we’ve already seen the worst of the Android threat, think again. The past quarter has seen the number of malicious apps double..

The GSMA today announced that greater allocation of spectrum for Mobile Broadband is vital for the economic and social development the Kingdom of..

The modern world gives us more ways than ever to stay online and in touch – and people are rushing to take advantage. But while Kaspersky Lab..

Today, many pocket-sized digital devices pack more computing power than the desktop machines that sent the first rocket to the moon. Hence, it is no..

In a recent survey, consumers around the world responded to the question of whether they would like to carry one device that included a real writing..

A new Arab Advisors Group report reveals that during the period between December 2009 and November 2011, 3G/3.5G services were launched in four more..

One in 12 handsets sold in the region in fourth quarter was a smartphone Dubai With smartphone sales leading the way, mobile handset manufacturers..

Mobile marketing is in a pretty strange middle ground. On the one hand it can achieve mass communications in a manner that no other medium can..

The UK's largest investigation into the safety of mobile phones has found no evidence that they damage health – so far. But scientists said..

Mobile phones do not cause brain cancer ­ at least in the short term, British scientists have found. But the researchers warned it was still too..

The debate over hands-free mobile phone kits intensified yesterday as a top scientist insisted that the Consumers' Association was wrong to claim..

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