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Enterprise Consumption of Tablets to Experience Phenomenal Growth in 2012

2012-03-19 - 11:14 GMT

  • Enterprise Consumption of Tablets to Experience Phenomenal Growth in 2012

Mobilk - Today, many pocket-sized digital devices pack more computing power than the desktop machines that sent the first rocket to the moon. Hence, it is no surprise that businesses across the region are refocusing their mobile strategies and turning to tablets. Most tablets today are slick, portable, equipped with a bright touch screen display and priced lower than an average desktop. Strategy Analytics has a report* that shows the explosive growth of tablet shipments as it quadrupled to reach 30 million units in 2011 and is set to grow to over 40 million units in 2012. 


Factors such as robust device demand, lower wholesale device pricing and rapidly expanding distribution channels will drive the growth according to the report. As a tool for business, mobile devices currently serve as a companion device. These devices provide a powerful computing platform for workers on the go to access data locally and in the cloud. A good example of one such device is the Samsung GALAXY Note which occupies a niche between smartphones and tablets. Since its introduction the Note has gained substantial traction with 1-million units being shipped to retailers since late last year. The mobile device, which packs features catering to enterprises as well as consumers, has reshaped how and where employees work and increased their ability to connect and share information with customers, colleagues and partners. However, as devices like the Samsung GALAXY Note move beyond a companion role to more of a primary computing device, here are a few ways business users are taking advantage of tablet technology:


Mobile computing

Laptops offer portability in computing, allowing employees to be nearly anywhere and get to work, but access to power and a WAN connection are required. At the other end of the spectrum are the smartphones and tablets, which are never far from its user and mostly last up to two days on battery power while at all times connected to a WAN – receiving the most up-to-date information. These devices deliver true mobile computing – not just portable computing, but consistent, always-on and always-with-you computing.  Straddling these two worlds, products such as the GALAXY Note delivers the advanced capabilities and advantages of a smartphone, but with a larger screen format. 



When you present on a tablet, it serves as a common ground for the presenter and the client. You are not so much presenting as you are guiding your client on a journey — tapping and swiping through slides and graphics, unveiling new ideas and images, all with the goal of achieving clarity. Businesses are increasingly providing tablet-ready presentations that form the foundation for this positive interaction.


Social Media Management

Tablets are a great way to make the most of social media, and their portability means that you do not have to wait until you are in front of a computer to respond to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Also, highly relevant but often overlooked factor here is employee satisfaction. In environments where employees need ready access to messaging and enterprise data, giving them a cool looking and fun to use device goes a long way towards keeping morale up.


All the while, as mobile devices channel their way into corporate culture, they may introduce security vulnerabilities for the adopting organizations. However, the GALAXY Note incorporates the Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) suite of security and management features. SAFE provides mobile device management through vendor alliances with companies such as SOTI Inc., This means business users can securely access enterprise assets. Samsung Security solutions cover all data such as contact names and numbers as well as e-mail, email attachments. In addition, it provides security capabilities to ensure that mobile workers enjoy an up-to-date and reliable experience on the device.


Mobile technology has captivated much of the technology industry over the past year. The launch of offerings, such as the GALAXY Note has given rise to new optimism surrounding the growth of the mobile device market. As a result, organizations will need to adopt a “best use” strategy when evaluating the upcoming new form factors, and weigh not only market pressures and user desires, but also look at productivity and usage models that align with enterprise needs.


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