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Agencies in Britain, France, India, Israel and, most recently, Finland have issued warnings that regular use of cell phones could damage children's..

The International EMF Collaborative, a group of international electromagnetic radiation (EMR) watchdogs, including Powerwatch and the EMR Policy..

Researchers from Israel's Ben Gurion University found that cell phone radiation may adversely affect the cognitive functions of phone users. The..

A ten-year study into cell phones conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found a link between long term use and brain tumors. The..

A Maryland neurologist filed an $800 million lawsuit this week against several wireless providers and two umbrella organizations claiming that..

A researcher, whose new study finds microwaves can harm rats' memory, says that extrapolating his findings to cell phones is premature. A Wired..

Even as major cell phone manufacturers argued that phones pose no health risks, the companies were filing patents for devices such as antenna shrouds..

Orthopedic specialists are reporting cases of "cell phone elbow," in which patients damage an essential nerve in their arm by bending their elbows..

With more than 110 million cell phones in use in the United States, two congressmen Tuesday urged more study on the health effects of radiation from..

CIOs need to ensure that their companies' employees operate cell phones and other wireless devices in a manner that reduces health risks associated..

In the year since a U.S. cancer researcher's warning drew wide attention, more evidence is emerging that long-term cell phone use is associated with..

Parents should think twice before giving in to a middle-schooler’s demands for a cell phone, some scientists say, because potential long-term..

A huge study from Denmark offers the latest reassurance that cell phones don’t trigger cancer. Scientists tracked 420,000 Danish cell phone..

Cell phone use has been linked to all sorts of health problems from male infertility to cancer. Now, doctors are seeing increasing numbers of people..

We have long been writing about the links between a variety of ailments and cell phone use. According to a recent and extensive Environmental Working..

There has been much controversy regarding the possible links between cell phone use and cancer. Now, Iowa senator Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Senate..

Some emerging research is pointing to problems with weakening bones in the area of the body where cell phones are worn. WebMD said that the research..

New research is suggesting that the children of mothers who use cell phones while pregnant are more likely to develop behavioral problems. This,..

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