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Cell phone use has been linked to tumors once again – this time by an Israeli study that found that frequent cell phone users were more likely to..

Cell phone use raises the risk of mouth cancer, a new study has found. Five years of heavy use increased the chances of developing a tumor by around..

The French government is warning consumers to avoid “excessive” cell phone use because of concerns that mobile phone use could increase the risk..

Cell Phones are continue to raise health concerns. On Thursday, researchers from the U.S. National Research Council advised that further studies..

Cell phones and their health consequences have become an increasing source of worry, especially as use of the wireless devices has increased..

Cell phone exposure – already a suspect in some types of cancer – has been linked to decreased fertility in some men. It seems, spending hours on..

Two separate cell phone studies have linked frequent use of the devices to cancer and male infertility, raising concerns that the rising use of cell..

Does cell phone use have anything to do with an increased risk of developing brain tumors? The issue has been debated for years and it appears the..

Scientists have still not been able to say whether or not cell phone use increases the chances of developing cancer or health problems. The..

Dr. Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and UPMC Cancer Centers, very recently made headlines by issuing a..

The head of one of the country’s top cancer centers has warned his staff that cell phones could be dangerous to their health. Dr. Ronald B...

Children and teens who use cell phones are five times more likely to get brain cancer, according to a new study. The new research raises fears that..

Last July, renowned cancer expert Dr. Ronald Herberman sent off a rather alarming note to the 3,000 faculty and staff members at the University of..

Using cell phones near hospital beds or important equipment is dangerous and could switch off ventilators or disrupt pacemakers, Dutch researchers..

The French Health Ministry on Wednesday issued a warning against excessive mobile phone use, especially by children, though it recognized science had..

Exposure to the radiofrequency fields generated by mobile phones does not cause head pain or increase blood pressure, according to a Norwegian study...

Spending hours on a cell phone each day may affect the quality of a man's sperm, preliminary research suggests. In a study of 361 men seen at..

Children whose mothers used cell phones frequently during pregnancy and who are themselves cell phone users are more likely to have behavior..

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