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Radiation from mobile phones delays and reduces sleep, and causes headaches and confusion, according to a new study. The research, sponsored by..

Scientists have started work on a massive official study to discover whether the long-term use of mobile phones causes brain cancer, and Alzheimer's..

Women who use mobile phones when pregnant are more likely to give birth to children with behavioural problems, according to authoritative research...

Using a mobile phone for more than 10 years increases the risk of getting brain cancer, according to the most comprehensive study of the risks yet..

THE FIRST comprehensive study of the health risk from mobile phones reveals that some models expose users to up to 20 times more radiation than..

A GROUP of 18 volunteers will start tests soon to see whether using mobile phones can affect short-term memory, decision-making and reaction..

Cell phones are about the coolest accessory in a preteen's pocket. But are kids who talk on cells taking more risks than adults? A study by British..

one has ever accused Americans of ignoring a good health scare. Recent reports connecting cell phone use with brain cancer have led many of us to..

Can cell phones cause brain cancer?" That's the question my editor asked me as I talked to him on my cellular phone while walking a Manhattan street..

A good night's sleep is becoming ever more elusive for the average American — and it's a problem that plagues us at all ages, from infancy to..

Brain expert warns of huge rise in tumours and calls on industry to take immediate steps to reduce radiation Mobile phones could kill far more..

MOBILE phones have been linked to human cancer in a scientific study for the first time. The research suggests there is a threefold increase in eye..

Cordless handsets 100 times worse than mobiles, say experts. Having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than..

Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European..

There seems to be a consistent pattern emerging among studies of long-term effects of cell phone usage: an increased risk of acoustic neuromas and..

In late 1970s, the ratio of autism in the United States was 1 in 10,000 children. Today it is 1 in 150, according to published CDC reports. This..

A study from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences shows that microwave radiation from cell phones increased the release of mercury from dental..

Cell phone radiation leads to memory loss, at least according to rat experiments in Lund University, Sweden. The study shows that rats exposed to..

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