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Cell Phone Use May Contribute to Memory Loss

2009-11-24 - 11:19 GMT

Cell Phone Use May Contribute to Memory Loss

Researchers from Israel's Ben Gurion University found that cell phone radiation may adversely affect the cognitive functions of phone users.

The experiment tested the subjects' ability to quickly remember images while exposed to the cell phone radiation. Cell phones were attached to both ears of 48 participants. One third of the subjects had the cell phone working on the right side of the head, one third with the phone functioning on the left side, and the remaining third had no working phone at all. The delay in reaction time appeared to be most significant among subjects who had the working phone closest to the brain's left hemisphere.

This study appears to be consistent with the findings of a separate study from Sweden performed on rats. The Lund University research team found that rats exposed to cell phone radiation for two hours a week for more than a year did poorly on a memory test compared to rats that had not been exposed. They believed this has to do with the cell phone's microwave radiation causing a leakage through the blood-brain barrier.

Yet another reason to be take necessary precautions when using cell phones. Using the speaker phone, an air tube hands-free headset, or a scientifically tested cell phone radiation shield are some viable options.

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