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Global Survey Finds Consumers Ready to Write on Mobile Devices

Over 70 percent of consumers say they want to replicate the pen/paper experience on a mobile device
2012-02-01 - 10:53 GMT

In a recent survey, consumers around the world responded to the question of whether they would like to carry one device that included a real writing experience with a resounding yes. They are ready to take advantage of Samsung’s recent innovative product - GALAXY Note’s advanced S Pen technology to create and share content. 


The survey, which included the responses of 5,000 smartphone users across 10 nations, found strong demand from global consumers for a smartphone that allows them to write and draw with a pen-style device with the same level of ease as write on paper. It also asked consumers about opinions on use-case scenarios where this type of device would be preferred. 


Survey data was analyzed globally, showing interesting variations in use case preferences, including: 


Both men and women in all regions agreed/strongly agreed that carrying multiple devices to meet their mobile needs while on the go is a burden.

Both genders responded that a device with handwriting-type functionality would help to lighten their load. If given the opportunity to replicate the experience of using pen and paper on a mobile device, 64.6% would stop carrying a pen and paper. 

Globally, 75.7% of respondents stated they would like the ability to hand-write sharable notes directly on images, maps, documents or websites using a smartphone; this figure was especially high in Asia (84.3%), leading to the assumption that the need for hand-writing may be higher for Asian-language speaking consumers due to the unique characters.


Respondents were also asked what uses they envisage for a digital device with pen-style capabilities, and responses showed that the ability to write, draw, share notes directly on a smartphone would increase work and life productivity as well as encourage creativity. Increasing organization and creating shopping/to-do lists were frequently desired smartphone tasks. Quotes from consumers regarding other functions they would like to perform using such a device include:


“The paper/pen capabilities should do away with the clumsiness of the touch and qwerty keypad while also making it more fun and personal to share content.”

“Sketch a concept or engineering idea and transmit it from a handheld device”

“It would be so much easier when I am in meetings to just use my smartphone to take notes and then be able to print them out later for disbursement to employees.”

“Jotting down notes and reminders would be a great help. Easier than using the keyboard, which I tend to get wrong most of the time.”

“I would send personal drawings to my kids when I was away on business.”


With its large HD Super AMOLED 5.3’’ screen, GALAXY Note is a new category of device that combines the portability of a smartphone with the expansive viewing experience, multi-tasking and content creation capabilities of a diverse set of mobile devices. It retains the portability and of a smartphone, but through a larger screen/uniquely immersive viewing experience and input versatility (S Pen), it offers unique capabilities for creating and sharing content that are uncommon in mainstream smartphones.

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