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Beecell Launches Qanati Mobile Application

2018-01-25 - 09:39 GMT
Jordan Jordan

  • Beecell Launches Qanati Mobile Application

Mobilk - Qanati is a multi-channel live streaming and Video on demand application developed by Beecell. Users of the application will be able to watch their favorite TV shows, documentaries, cooking shows, comedies, and kid’s content on demand.

The bilingual application was developed to support both English and Arabic and is available on iOS and Google Play App stores, the Application was designed to offer an interactive and interesting user-friendly experience. 

Features of Qanati Application, include the ability for users to share their favourite videos on social media, in addition to the offline viewing feature that allows users to download any video to watch offline without the need of internet connection. Qanati uses Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) to make it easier for mobile users to subscribe to the application through their mobile network operator.

Qanati is a VOD application that can be used as a white label application to showcase any brand. It was developed to be easily rebranded to host other brands, one of those brands is Tipsaty, the beauty and lifestyle show which was released last year.


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