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Huawei and Gartner host ICT industry leaders and experts at Huawei Digital Transformation Forum

2018-03-01 - 08:49 GMT

  • Huawei and Gartner host ICT industry leaders and experts at Huawei Digital Transformation Forum

Mobilk - Huawei and Gartner hosted a lineup of industry leaders and experts at a roundtable at the Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. Taking place on February 25th under the theme “New Business, New DC,” the Huawei Digital Transformation Forum addressed new demands and challenges for the cloud in the 5G era, discussed network transformation and cloud DC, and explored business scenarios and deployment strategies for the hybrid cloud. 

The aim of the forum was to foster an exchange of ideas on how to build an open, unified, intelligent and agile cloud platform to meet the changing needs of organizations in the region.

The theme falls in line with Huawei’s aim to assist the governments of the Middle East in digitalizing their nations in order to enable them to move towards knowledge-based economies. 

The day was an occasion for the CIOs of several leading Middle East carriers, including Major Middle East Carriers’ CIO to meet and discuss emerging opportunities as well as concerns and challenges in the 5G era. Exciting discussions on the agenda included how to balance the competing priorities of cost, efficiency, and security, the necessity for operators to deploy Hybrid Cloud, the challenges faced by operators to plan and deploy Hierarchical Data Centers for 5G, and a discussion on the biggest challenges when deploying cloud infrastructure for new digital business in the fields of 5G, IoT, Video, AI, and gaming. 

Joy Huang, VP IT product line at Huawei commented: “These are exciting days for the Middle East as societies continue to make the transition towards knowledge-based economies. A modern, agile network infrastructure is key to succeeding in digitalization and remaining competitive in the twenty-first century. As an ally and partner to governments in the Middle East, Huawei aims to assist the region in this crucial transition phase by fostering open dialogue and knowledge sharing in order to ensure operators are equipped with the tools they need to lead their nations through Digital Transformation.”

Gregor Petri, Research Vice President at Gartner, said: “We are excited at this opportunity to share knowledge and foster a discussion with leading operators in the Middle East. Gartner aims to deliver the most accurate information and penetrating insights to all its customers in order to help them make informed decisions that will lead their companies to success. We believe that this forum will enable key players in the Middle East ICT industry gain and share valuable insights which will help them navigate this transition phase of digitalization and benefit the region as a whole.”

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