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Huawei Launches OceanProtect Data Protection Solution

2021-11-02 - 11:57 GMT

  • Huawei Launches OceanProtect Data Protection Solution

Mobilk - Huawei announces the launch of OceanProtect Data Protection Solution high-end storage products and solutions for the Middle East region. From enterprise storage to distributed storage in massive data scenarios, to data backup storage, Huawei storage has covered all categories in the Middle East region and will provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality storage solutions.

OceanProtect Data Protection Solution covers both Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup fields to offer comprehensive protection for diversified types of data throughout the lifecycle. It belongs to the Huawei All-Flash Data Center Solution to build the fast, green, reliable, and intelligent infrastructure for various industries. The solution is built on the concept of "full DR of hot data, and quick backup and restore of warm data", which ensures zero service interruption, zero data loss, and long-term data retention.

Robert Jin Feng, Director of the Data Storage Solution Sales Department at Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East, said: "In DR scenarios, it provides various features, such as gateway-free active-active or 3 Data Centers solutions, one-click DR drills, and failover (within seconds). In backup scenarios, the OceanProtect X series provides fast backup and recovery, efficient space reduction, unified SAN and NAS DR backup, and one-click recovery, achieving zero data loss and zero RPO.” 

Huawei OceanStor storage has been deployed in more than 150 countries for more than 12,000 customers in a variety of sectors, including carriers, finance, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Huawei OceanStor storage is the ideal choice for worldwide customers looking to store and process their service data.

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