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Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation

2022-09-25 - 01:49 GMT

  • Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation

Mobilk - Huawei unveiled the upgraded capabilities of its Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution at the summit entitled "Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation", held during HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok. The capabilities cover three major scenarios — CloudFabric, CloudWAN, and CloudCampus — and were created in an effort to meet customers changing requirements. Huawei also released its Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture White Paper to further guide enterprises in digital innovation.

As digital transformation advances, enterprise services pose new requirements on data communication networks. First, massive numbers of IoT connections demand ultra-broadband and ubiquitous connectivity. Second, enterprise branch services are gradually moving to the cloud, requiring networks to provide flexible deployment and fast cloudification capabilities. Third, new services need to be rolled out on large scale and services need frequent adjustments, requiring networks to be agile, secure, and efficient. Finally, video conferencing is becoming commonplace, meaning that networks have to provide deterministic experience assurance.

Sun Liang, Vice President of Huaweis Data Communication Product Line, noted that Huawei Datacom had developed the Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution through continuous innovation to address the preceding challenges. This solution provides key capabilities such as ultimate access experience, ultra-fast cloud access by branches, deterministic experience, and efficient and simplified deployment. Currently, the Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution has been widely used in sectors such as education, retail, government, and finance, facilitating digital transformation for customers. For example, in the education sector, the all-wireless Wi-Fi networking solution provides ultimate network access experience; in the retail sector, the SD-WAN ultra-fast cloud access solution enables one store to be opened in just one day; in the government sector, Huaweis network slicing technology enables converged transport over one network and 100% assurance of business-critical services; in the financial sector, the simplified cross-domain multi-cloud service deployment solution enables services to be rolled out within minutes.

At the conference, Huawei also unveiled a number of new data communication products, such as the industrys first Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, 400G-ready next-generation campus core switch CloudEngine S16700, and the 4-in-1 universal-service intelligent router NetEngine 8000 M4.

In addition, Huawei released its Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture White Paper. Liu Jianning, President of Huaweis Global Enterprise Network Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept, said that one of the most important changes to campus networks is fully wireless. The adoption of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 in the future poses new requirements on network bandwidth, architecture, and O&M. To meet these new requirements, Huawei proposes the next-generation campus network architecture — wireless intelligent network architecture. This architecture has seven unique features: fully wireless, hyper-converged, ultra-broadband, simplified, low-carbon, secure, and intelligent.

At the conference, customers from various industries shared how they have used Huaweis Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution in their commercial practices. Agus Ariyanto, Vice President Network of Biznet, delivered a speech entitled "Biznet Builds a Future-oriented Intelligent WAN." He said that "Built on a flat metro network, Huawei helps Biznet consolidate its leading role in the Industry. Together with Huawei, well explore more regarding emerging technologies and business innovation based on IPE." Billy Wong, Chief Technology Officer of Nova Credit Limited, delivered a speech entitled "Financial Cloud-Network, Promoting FinTech Innovation." He noted that "In Nova Credits data centers, we deployed Huaweis CloudFabric data center network solution. On the physical layer, Huawei CloudEngine data center switches build high-performing 40GE/100GE interconnections; on the management layer, the solution provides full-lifecycle automation capabilities and easy SDN experience."

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