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Ooredoo Warns Customers to Remain vigilant When it Comes to Scam Callers

2018-03-01 - 09:08 GMT
Oman Oman

  • Ooredoo Warns Customers to Remain vigilant When it Comes to Scam Callers

Mobilk - With people still being targeted by scam callers in Oman, Ooredoo is ramping up efforts to raise awareness to customers to prevent them from being tricked into sending money or giving access to their bank accounts to fraudulent parties. The company is calling on everybody to be cautious of scammers trying to lure them with fake prizes or promises of financial rewards. 

Advising customers to never share personal information over the phone, online, or to visit insecure websites or call back suspicious numbers, Raed Mohammed Dawood, Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs, said: “If you receive a call from a strange number or an email asking for your personal information, then it most likely a scam. Service providers won’t usually call or email you for such information. The best thing to do is go to one of our 50 stores and show them the call or email and have them authenticate the request and phone number. Do not respond, answer or click on anything suspicious. The scammers are very clever and will always try to trick customers by offering them something that is too good to be true, such as money or prizes. Always act with caution and be suspicious of such requests. Competitions and prizes by Ooredoo are always announced on our social media and website.” 

Dawood explained that scam callers will target people at random and that parents and families need to be vigilant with individuals trying to contact children and the elderly, as they are the most vulnerable when it comes to the unscrupulous people behind these calls. He stressed that all family members need to be warned about the dangers of these calls and educated about not giving out any personal information. 

Ooredoo’s dedication to its customers is not only about the value-packed services, offers and promotions it provides every day, the excellence of its customer care, its Contact Centre, app, stores, and social media but also extends to its relentless work to safeguard all members of the extended Ooredoo family. Customers should note, however, that telephone scams are beyond the control of Ooredoo and it is recommended that anyone who has sadly fallen victim to one should contact the Public Prosecution to register a complaint.

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