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Ooredoo Supports Upcoming IoT Projects in Utilities Sector

2022-08-04 - 08:31 GMT
Oman Oman

  • Ooredoo Supports Upcoming IoT Projects in Utilities Sector

Mobilk - Continuing to transform Oman’s digital landscape, Ooredoo recently joined Nama Holding at a pre-tendering roadshow for its upcoming Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project. The event, which provided a high-level briefing on Nama Holding’s upcoming plans for the project, marks the next step in a long-standing partnership between the two companies, which began in 2017. 

As the only LoRaWAN network provider, Ooredoo has provided its clients in the utilities sector with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technologies since 2016. Securely hosted by Ooredoo’s data centres and covering over 99% of Oman’s population with its multi technology access network, its IoT network enables AMR metres to send accurate meter readings digitally to energy and water suppliers, so there are no more estimated bills. The technology enables the development of smart applications and solutions, which can present historical, current and predict future energy consumption.

Saied Mohammed Al-Lawati, Director of Business Marketing & ICT Solutions at Ooredoo, said, “AMR metres represent a technological breakthrough in utilities billing for both the consumer and Nama Holding. By using the system, Nama Holding is helping its customers to better understand their readings and make cost-effective changes to manage their utility bills. We’re pleased to support Nama Holding and the utilities sector service providers, and continue to fulfil our promise to digitally empower the people of Oman in line with Oman’s 2040 Vision.”

A key partner in Oman’s digital transformation, Ooredoo became the first telecommunications operator in Oman and the GCC to join the non-profit association LoRa Alliance, which enables it to collaborate with other IoT service providers, chip manufacturers, solution developers and other businesses serving the industry’s requirement to push the technology forwards. As well as its partnership with Nama Holding, in 2021 Ooredoo and its partners, the National Energy Center (NEC) and the Oman Water and Wastewater Services Company (Diam/Haya), successfully completed the installation of 330K IoT-enabled smart water meters, which now cover 50% of Diam/Haya’s customers. Meanwhile, Ooredoo continues to reinforce its network and invest heavily in the latest solutions, helping position the country as an active player in IoT and digital innovation.

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