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Strategic partnership between Omantel and Bank Muscat

The partnership includes many joint CSR initiatives
2012-12-20 - 12:22 GMT
Oman Oman

  • Strategic partnership between Omantel and Bank Muscat

Mobilk - Omantel and Bank Muscat today signed at Omantel head office a MoU to establish a strategic partnership between the two leading organizationsin a number of fields. The MoU was singed by Dr. Amer bin Awadh al Rowas,CEO, on behalf of Omantel and AbdulRazak Ali Essa, Chief Executive, on behalf of Bank Muscat.

 The signing of this MoU mirrors the strong partnership between the two leading companies and serves as an addition to the existing cooperation between them in implementing a number of leading national initiatives that aim at paying back to Omani society and playing their respective social role.  The MoU, signed by the biggest two MSM listed companies, crowns the continuous efforts made by the boards and executive managements in both companies to make the optimumutilization of available resources with each party to ensure the maximum benefit on Omani society at large. The two organizations will join hands in implementing a number of initiatives, especially in the field of social responsibility and improving the services provided for Omantel and Bank Muscat customers.

 Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Amer bin Awadh al Rowas, CEO of Omantel,said: “Our cooperation with Bank Muscat started many years ago as both companies conducted two social responsibility initiatives together. Today, we are happy to integrate the relationship between the two sides and move them to wider horizons in a bid to maximize the benefit for our dear society. This partnership includes the implementation of a number of initiatives either those targeting the communication service or those that aim at improving the quality of services rendered to customers of both companies. It should be noted that leveraging the potentials of both companies ensure the maximum benefit of such initiatives.”

AbdulRazak Ali Essa, Chief Executive of Bank Muscat, said: “Bank Muscat is the first bank to establish a full-fledged Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department in Oman. The bank’s CSR strategy is in line with the Royal directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to accord priority for social responsibility. Bank Muscat is happy to enhance the existing cooperation with Omantel by signing this MoU to establish a strategic partnership. This cooperation will bring more benefits not only for our customers but also for society at large. We have plans to jointly implement a number of social initiatives that will have positive impact on society. The benefit is going to be more as the initiative is being implemented by two leading organizations.”

 Bank Muscat and Omantel are the two leading brands in their respective fields.They both have strong presence in different parts of the Sultanate which enable them to reach the maximum number of targeted groups with their services. The MoU will enable both companies to serve society better and ensure optimum utilization and yields from the available resources.

The MoU is the latest addition to the existing cooperation between Omantel and Bank Muscat. The two companies launched Together for Happy Eid’, a charity initiative during Ramadhan 1430 that aimed at collecting donations for the needy family. The initiative, which was implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development, aimed at prompting the culture of giving among different sectors of society. Many private sector organizations joined the initiative and contributed to achieving its aim. The two companies also renewed their cooperation in 2010 by launching the campaign Together We Celebrate duringthe 40th National Day. They also implemented many other social initiatives benefiting various segments of society.



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