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Huawei Maxes Creativity with The Global Launch of The Huawei P8 and P8 max Smartphones

The revolutionary Light Painting Smartphone perfectly blends Technology, Fashion and Art
2015-04-20 - 01:01 GMT

  • Huawei Maxes Creativity with The Global Launch of The Huawei P8 and P8 max Smartphones

Titanium Grey, Mystic Champagne
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Mobilk - Huawei’s Consumer Business Group has unveiled the Huawei P8 and P8 max smartphones, a perfect blend of technology, sleek styling, usability and revolutionary low light camera features. The Huawei P8 is the culmination of the P series’ rich heritage of style and functionality while the P8 max also features a larger 6.8-inch screen and longer battery life. With the P8 and P8 max, Huawei is one again redefining the smartphone market with easy-to-use features that amaze and inspire consumers. 

Building on the rich heritage of the P Series, the Huawei P8 takes beauty to the next level, striking a perfect balance of artistry, creativity and functionality. The Huawei P8 delivers a new level of usability for different applications impacting everyday life – at work and at play. With craftsmanship that pushes the bounds of possibility and new revolutionary light painting modes, the Huawei P8 provides consumers with an inspiration for creativity.

“We are very excited to bring the Huawei P8 and the Huawei P8 max to the Middle East” commented Mr. Ashraf Fawakherji, VP of Huawei Device Middle East. The goal of Huawei P8 is to become the most user-friendly smartphone for consumers globally Through in-depth market research, Huawei has addressed the most pressing pain points for premium smartphone users today. Huawei has seamlessly combined the best elements style and durability in this device, delivering a revolutionary user experience - especially in terms of camera and network connectivity. Building on the outstanding market performance of Huawei’s P series, we are fully confident that our P8 will become one of the most popular smartphones among consumers in 2015.”

Huawei’s extremely stylish P series has achieved great success around the world. Global sales of the Huawei P6 have totaled 5 million units in 60 countries. The Huawei P7 surpassed the 4 million sales mark across more than 100 countries in just six months, and the success of the Huawei P6 and P7 indicates a strong potential demand for the Huawei P8 and P8 max.

The Huawei P8 was designed to have a natural connection to human nature, providing solutions to common pain points and meeting consumers’ needs – both simple and complex. Using this natural connection, and based on the Huawei P series’ understanding of beauty, the Huawei P8 Introduces a new philosophy for camera design – a camera optimized for low light and high contrast. The P8 leverages a combination of hardware, software and proprietary algorithms to help users capture beautiful photographs, even in the worst lighting conditions. 

Huawei’s enhanced technology and software provides four professional quality low-light shooting modes, a director mode, and fun creative shooting modes including selfie. All users – from painters and architects to someone in the fashion industry, now has access to a mobile photo and video studio that provides diverse and innovative functionality for capturing artistic inspirations within daily life.

Today also saw the launch of the Huawei P8 max. It as well inherits the elegant ID design and extraordinary light painting capabilities of the P series smartphones. Together, these features deliver more fun to consumers through Huawei’s new large screen smartphones. 

The Huawei P8 max uses a 6.8-inch high definition JDI screen that is the largest in-cell FHD screen in the world. The 16:9 screen enables the device to be slimmer, with a better feel and easier to carry. The P8 max supports landscape mode which enables consumers to view and read on the phone while color enhancement technology enables a better visual experience. 

The 6.8-inch large screen is equipped with a 4360mAh large battery – all contained in a super slim 6.8 mm body. It is there for long-time recreational needs, enabling over 10 hours of video streaming with Huawei’s power saving management technolog

Highlights of Design and Technology 

Continuing the minimalist design of previous generations in the P series, the Huawei P8 embodies the ultimate in elegance, craftsmanship and durability. Highlights include:

•The nano-injection molding process results in an industry-leading seamless tight junction connecting a 1.5mm thin plastic bar with one of the industry’s largest screens. 

•The phone is 6.4mm thin, with dual SIM cards, and works seamlessly with a 4G network (where the service is available). 

•The triple-layer shark-gill design enhances the reliabilities and robustness of the device. 

•Inside, the new Kirin 930 64-bit Octa-Core chipset boosts performance by approximately 20 percent compared with other phones with similar levels of battery life. 

•The body’s sleek back cover is constructed of steel, which provides structural rigidity.

Craft Best-in-Class User Experiences 

Unique power management creates a bridge between the Huawei P8’s slim design, power efficiently and stunning performance. The device contains a 2600mAh battery and with Kirin 930 Octa-Core 64-bit chipset, delivering an outstanding performance that outpaces the smartphone market by 20 percent and unparalleled standby time.

Setting New Standards for Mobile Connectivity 

During the process of researching and listening to the needs of elite smartphone users, Huawei has addressed emerging pain points around dropped calls and signal degradation. Building on Huawei’s DNA of world-class communications technology, the Huawei P8 has re-defined the industry benchmark for seamless network connectivity. For the consumers who usually travel by air, it takes quite a bit of time to connect when landing at a new airport. Huawei P8 increases the speed of connecting to a roaming network.

Best-in-Class Smartphones with Light Painting Camera

Huawei P8

•Industry-leading Optical Image Stabilizer Technology: With an OIS of up to 1.2°, the phone can shoot high-quality photos and videos as well as managing camera shake so that images are consistently sharp.

•The world’s first four-color RGBW sensor: Enhancing brightness by 32 percent in high contrast lighting situations, reducing it by 78 percent in low light environments. SLR-level independent image processing: ENABLING noise reduction when shooting and intelligent detection of a high-contrast lighting environment and enabling users to perfectly capture high CONTRAST and low light details in one image.

•DSLR-level independent image processor: Enabling noise reduction when shooting, intelligent detection of a high-contrast lighting environment, thus perfectly capturing the high contrast and low light details in one image.

Huawei P8 max

Unlike light painting functions on ordinary phones, the P8 max provides real time preview display and hand controlled aperture of a picture. The P8 max has an optical vibration reduction function on the rear camera which enables great pictures even without a tripod, and the unique director mode of the P8 max enables consumers to share what they have just filmed. The P8 max can also form a filming group with two other phones and by switching different views, consumers can make a blockbuster without having to edit.



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