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Huawei Connects Workplaces with new live eClassroom and Executive Desktop Solutions at GITEX

2015-10-22 - 12:53 GMT

  • Huawei Connects Workplaces with new live eClassroom and Executive Desktop Solutions at GITEX

Mobilk - Overcoming traditional boundaries of workplace collaboration, Huawei—a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider—has announced the launch of a live eClassroom and Executive Desktop Presence solutions debuting at this year’s GITEX Technology Week. Bearing in mind the values of openness, convergence and innovation, the new solutions reflect the company’s commitment to pioneering simple and agile unified communication systems for enterprises in the Middle East.

“We endeavor to bring the latest products and solutions to market by offering the public the chance to experience for themselves cutting-edge ICT innovations,” says Edwin Diender, Chief Technology Officer of UC & C product line. “In fields such as education, new technologies are changing the way that classes are being taught, where they are being hosted, and the desire of both students and faculty for more flexible and creative learning environments. These same principles are also being prioritized in the workplace as businesses desire immediate communication with regional and global teams—extending the meeting experience from the conference room to your office desktop.”

Huawei’s latest offerings are part of the group’s extensive enterprise business portfolio catering to vertical industries across the government and public sector, education, finance, transportation, energy and more.

The unveiling of the live eClassroom and Executive Desktop Presence DP300 solutions follows a strong presence from Huawei at this year’s GITEX Technology Week taking place from October 18-22 at the Dubai World Trade Center. All of Huawei’s latest solutions and products can be found at GITEX in the GULFCOMMS sector in Zabeel Hall, stand Z-E20.

Huawei live eClassroom

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the video conferencing industry, the new eClassroom solution offers more opportunities for students to receive a better quality of education. The solution combines Huawei’s latest HD video conferencing and smart directing systems, giving access to digital education resources remotely through real-time interaction, live streaming and video-on-demand (VoD). Such capabilities help in promoting efficient use of educational resources between classrooms, school networks and remote learning sites.

The Huawei live eClassroom provides educators and students with 1080p HD dual stream visuals and CD-quality audio, creating a real-life and immersive environment where teachers and students can collaborate “face to face”. In addition, Huawei’s voice recognition technology enables the system to automatically and easily track the speaker and capture their image so that the communication between teachers and students doesn’t require extra microphones.

To deliver better experiences for students in remote classrooms, Huawei’s live eClassroom also employs dual-channel directing to switch and sends content concurrently to remote classrooms. The solution employs the latest H.264 High Profile (HP) technology, Huawei patented Video Motion Enhancement (VME), and Huawei’s Super Error Concealment (SEC) 3.0 technologies to enhance compression rates and enable 1080p images to be delivered at the bandwidth of 512 Kbit/s.

Executive Desktop Presence DP300

Conferencing has become a de-facto standard in enterprise communication. This is why Huawei has also launched the next-generation Desktop Presence Solution DP300. Users are ultimately able to connect with anyone anytime without having to reserve a conference space or meeting room in advance. 

The device adopts an all-in-one design, integrating codec, camera, microphone, speaker and touch screen. The DP300 provides end-to-end 1080p and 60 dual HD streams, bringing customers more vivid meeting experiences. The 27-inch display operates by tapping and sliding the screen. Its unique voice dialing functionality allows people to voice dial to connect and participate.

The DP300 can also be used as a room presence system and transformed into a computer monitor with the touch of a button. In addition, it enables users to take calls, hang up, cancel and reject calls easily via the touch screen or via the Bluetooth headset or earpiece.      


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