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Du Advances Radio Network Intelligency with Huawei

2015-12-09 - 01:16 GMT

  • Du Advances Radio Network Intelligency with Huawei

Mobilk - du has teamed up with Huawei—a leading global ICT solutions provider—in an effort to effectively manage the operator’s growing mobile network while at the same time delivering on its promise of a superior customer experience.
To that end, du has become the leading telecom operator in the MENA region to deploy Huawei’s SingleSON self-organizing network solution, empowering the operator to optimize its wireless network performance in an automatic and efficient mechanism. The technology will ultimately help du to manage the explosive growth and development of mobile data traffic which is expected to increase over the next decade.
The solution was recently tested live on du’s mobile network. According to du, the performance of the solution achieved remarkable results and exceeded expectations with immediate improvement on both drop call rates as well as users’ throughput. It also exhibited better sharing of radio resources between layers and technologies.
Mr. Marwan Bin Shakar,  Vice President at du, noted: "This latest deployment is not only a leading technological innovation in the region, but more importantly it will allow us to continuously deliver a better performance and great user experience using more simplified and automated network solution."
Enabling du to operate an increasingly more complex and intelligent network, the initiative will leverage Huawei’s leadership in Radio Access Networks as well as its worldwide research & development efforts around high-speed 4G and 5G mobile technologies.
Jiang Wangcheng, President of Huawei SingleOSS Product Line, said: "To address the challenges brought by an ever-expanding mobile ecosystem, networks must become both broader and smarter. Du has clearly made that a priority for its business and will be able to leverage Huawei’s SingleSON solution to create a more consistent and intuitive network enhanced with the very latest Huawei innovations in 4.5G and 5G wireless technologies."
Today new mobile network technologies such as LTE-Advanced, 4.5G and 5G are being explored as a means for addressing the explosive growth in mobile data worldwide. The next generation of 5G technologies are likewise being defined and developed to serve the huge data requirements as the Internet of Things is expected to become widespread.
The experiences gained from du’s trial of the SingleSON solution are now being shared by Huawei in several other trials in more than 25 networks in countries and regions such as China, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, South America, and Australia.

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