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Huawei pioneering security measures in the wake of IoT

2016-08-03 - 12:06 GMT

  • Huawei pioneering security measures in the wake of IoT

Mobilk - Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced that it is making major leaps in the Internet of Things (IoT) security landscape, with the advent of mechanisms that identify and prevent new age threats born from the rise of connected things.

As the development of IoT products continues to gain pace, and the market expands, a new era of security and privacy challenges rises. To counteract this concern, Huawei has focused its energies on adaptive learning techniques that acquire sophistication from existing attacking mode databases, and snuff out new dangers.

At a recent ACM Asia Conference held in China, two Huawei security experts shared insights on the new threat environment, shedding light on existing security defense technologies no longer capable of resisting IoT-led attacks.

Today, with IoT adoption growing, businesses are suddenly faced with the challenge of securing anything that can send and receive data - and thats basically anything that can have a sensor or chip put in it - which is essentially everything.

With greater efforts needed to study and specify international IoT security standards which are more secure and easier to implement, Huawei is dedicated to this mission and is always open to collaboration with all parties interested in this subject area.

With this in mind, Huawei recently published “The Global Cyber Security Challenge - it is time for real progress in addressing supply chain risks” - a whitepaper that focuses specifically on threats that arise through the manipulation and evolution of the supply chain - another core area that IoT will heavily affect

“While there is still no simple answer or solution to the cyber security challenge, it is increasingly apparent that there are steps the global community can take - as well as individual organizations - to drive demonstrable progress in reducing cyber security risk,” said Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Global Cyber Security and User Privacy Committee of Huawei.

“With this in mind, Huawei is committed to working with a network that is recognized through earned trust and validation in its endeavor to construct a set of laws and principles the industry can follow.”

In order to understand these threats, Huawei has also made a war cry for businesses to work together in the education space. . The whitepaper “The Global Cyber Security Challenge -- It is time for real progress in addressing supply chain risks” discusses such a network that shares global best practices, and encourages information flow between businesses.

Research and Advisory Firm, Gartner recently highlighted how IoT will impact business from a logistics point of view. The way businesses access information, manage flow, and communicate throughout the supply chain will significantly change as more and more devices, machines, and people become connected.

Huawei Drives Openness, Collaboration, and Shared Success to Enable Digital Transformation and Build a Better Connected World. Recently launched the Open ROADS to a Better Connected World as part of its commitment to meeting user demands for a "ROADS" experience (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY, and Social) in the digital era, the company strives to enable agile innovation, build an open ecosystem, expand business partnerships, and help carriers succeed in their digital transformation.

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