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LG GD880 Mini launched

2010-05-02 - 06:31 GMT

LG GD880 Mini launched


The LG GD880 was announced a few days before this years MWC and now its ready to head for the stores. By the way: did you know that this is the first feature phone out there to come with an HTML5-compatible web browser?

Weve seen the phone a couple of times and even previewed it but we cant get enough of the GD880 Mini. Its both sleek and smart and, apparently, will feature support for the next generation of HTML, the HTML5.


LG GD880 Mini

LG GD880 Mini is the first phone by LG to feature the companys proprietary WebKit-based Phantom Browser. It should be able to open up to 10 tabs at the same time. The new mobile browser should also ensure a faster and more stable internet experience. And there is support for full Flash, too.

Thanks to new free LG AirSync service, you can syn your browsing history and bookmarks between your Mini and your desktop browser.

The other LG GD880 Mini features that are worth mentioning are its 3.2" capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch support, the 5-megapixel autofocus camera and the built-in GPS receiver as well as the support for HSDPA, Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth. The Mini will also allow easy access to diverse social networks.

According to LG, the GD880 will be available across Europe starting today. The projected price is about 350 euro however it will be region specific.


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