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Motorola Mobility puts the “smart” into smartphones with new behavior-learning, battery-saving app

2012-02-01 - 09:26 GMT

Aside from Motorola RAZR’s groundbreaking design and dazzling technological specs, the smartphone is winning plaudits on the Middle Eastern smartphone scene for its ability to make life that little bit easier.

The innovative new SmartActions app is central to this mission, letting users create automated tasks and improve battery performance by up to 30%, so they spend less time fiddling with mundane settings and more time focusing on the important things in life.

Users can either take direct control by configuring Smart Actions to set specific rules and/or wait for prompts based on recurring behaviors.

For example, the Low Battery Saver action will pay attention to how much charge your battery has and change settings to conserve what’s left. At 40% power, it can dim the display and at 30% it can slow down data usage. You pick the points and you choose the changes.

Smart Actions can also make changes based on where you are. These location-based actions are associated with Wi-Fi connections and will only be performed when those networks are detected. Arriving at your office could, for example, prompt putting your ringer on silent and pulling up that productivity app that really gets things done. 

 “SmartActions is constantly evolving and adapting to the lives of our customers, automating tasks that would normally require fiddly and repeated manual intervention, and freeing up time that can be better spent enjoying the smartphone experience and going about day-to-day routines. With SmartActions, you can set it and forget it,” said Raed Hafez, Managing Director for Motorola Mobility, Middle East & Africa.

Motorola RAZR is available in the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt now.  For more information visit

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