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TRA presents «Smart Robotic Chef» on its GITEX stand

2019-10-07 - 02:02 GMT

  • TRA presents «Smart Robotic Chef» on its GITEX stand

Mobilk - The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) presented to its visitors at GITEX Technology Week a number of future projects based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), through which life would be shaped in the near future. The UAE seeks to be a leading country into the era of AI and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).in TRAs platform and as part of the Future Cafe the robot Smart Robotic Chef has prepared a number of dishes professionally and with high accuracy. This robot of three arms can be programmed to prepare various types of food quickly and accurately according to the users preferences. Globally, it is the only robot of its kind to prepare a complete meal without any human intervention, where it selects and prepares ingredients and then cooks and presents the dish to the user. Visitors also enjoyed the smart coffee provided by a robot designed for this purpose. The user only need to specify the type of coffee they want and it will be prepared and presented to them by the robot.

Commenting on this project, Eng. Majid Al Mazloum, Senior Director of Center of Digital Innovation (CoDI), and member of the TRA Innovation Team, said: Through these technology projects, we have provided a foresight of how the near future will look like, and the change that AI, 5G and IoT technologies can make in our daily lives. What we offer today is an invitation to young Emiratis to learn about AI technologies, and contribute to the delivery of projects and ideas that help to reach a more prosperous and easy life, where robotic inventions can serve broad segments of society, such as people of determination, the elderly and kids. A robot today can make a full meal, read a book, help the visually impaired walk, and provide other services. Today, we are opening the door for Emirati youth to enter the age of AI and contribute to the future of the UAE, placing it in the worlds top countries in all fields.

Robots were also present on the TRA platform through the Badminton Robot Project, one of TRAs journey projects, where this robot embodies the significant development in the robotics industry and AI technologies. This robot features quick reactions, enabling it to catch the shuttlecock and send it back to the opponent. The badminton playing robot has been a strong challenger to visitors of TRAs stand, who have found it difficult to beat.

TRAs visitors expressed their admiration for the projects brought by the TRA, through which it has showcased key smart services, representing a wide array of TRAs contributions to enhancing the smart lifestyle in the UAE, supporting the transition to the AI/smart city driven future, and developing a mechanism for dealing with latest technologies to serve mankind, all by presenting modern technological solutions linked to the requirements of our daily life.

The TRA is participating in the 39th edition of GITEX Technology Week under the umbrella of the UAE Smart Government, which hosts 18 federal government entities, showcasing their major achievements in modern technologies and harnessing technology in government service provision, customer happiness, and promoting the principle of one government and distinctive technology services.

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