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Jawwal moved between the Palestinian universities of West Bank and Gaza Strip in Ramadan

2009-12-16 - 12:25 GMT
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Jawwal moved between the Palestinian universities of West Bank and Gaza Strip in Ramadan

Palestine Cellular Communications Company "Jawwal", one of PALTEL group companies moved between the Palestinian universities of West Bank and Gaza Strip in Ramadan by setting up evenings and collective Iftars in the Islamic university and AlOmmeh university in Gaza Strip. Similar events were also held at Birzeit University, Al Najah National University in Nablus and the Arab American University in Jenin.
Birzeit University evening:
Jawwal held a special Iftar at Birzeit University in West Bank ,where more than 3,000 students attended, including  Mr. Rami Barakat from the Deanship of Student Affairs, a number of public relations officers at the university, Jawwal’s CEO Mr. Ammar Aker, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of PALTEL Group Mr. Kamal Abu Khadija, the Public Relations Manager at"Jawwal" Mr. Fateh Omar and a group of “Jawwal” employees.
The celebration began with a welcome speech from Mr. Rami Barakat, thanking the company, "Jawwal" on the sponsorship of the Iftar and the evening at the university. The event also included a Dabka show reflecting the Palestinian heritage and popular Palestinian songs with the participation of the university students.
In his speech Mr. Rami Barakat said:" Jawwal “is used to hold such evenings every year in Ramadan, where it shares the happy occasions with the university students.We hope that this cooperation will continue in the future for the interest of our students.
On the other hand, the Public Relations Manager in "Jawwal" Mr. Fateh Omar " said: “This evening was one of the most prestigious evenings, I am glad to see these numbers of students together at Ramadan’s table, our one and only goal is to make them  always happy.”
During the event a variety of gifts for the winning students in the cultural competitions were distributed, including 3 laptops to Sarah Khasib, Samer Nazzal and Awwab Nabulsi, mobile handsets, IPODS and prepaid SIM Cards.
In his speech, Jawwal’s CEO “ Mr. Ammar Aker” praised Birzeit University for its cooperation with "Jawwal" to succeed this event, he also congratulated the students for this holy month and promised to provide them with all the high quality services.
Gaza Strip’s universities evenings:
The event held in Gaza Strip included lots of activities and competitions during which a large crowd of college students,a number of faculty members and a group of “Jawwal” employees attended. There was also a distribution of various gifts including Mobile handsets,SIM Cards and vouchers.
Mr. Khadir AlJamali, the deputy of the college academic university thanked "Jawwal" company on the sustained attention to educational institutions and for providing the best services,
This event was similar to another held at the Islamic University which was attended by a large number of university students and the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Kamal Ghoneim, who gave a speech thanking Jawwal for its efforts in activating the role of youth through its competitions, cultural programs and events that were prepared after the Iftar.
An IfItar at AlOmmeh University was also held in the presence of University President Dr. Maher Abu Sabra, where many awards and gifts were distributed to the students. In his part, Sabra praised the role of "Jawwal" in these laudable initiatives in this holy month, including the Iftars, contests, cultural and artistry which added a distinct interaction among the students.
In a speech by Mr. Younes Abu Samra, Jawwal General Manager of Gaza region stressed on the permanent pursuit of "Jawwal" in supporting such activities to enhance communication with educational institutions."He added:" We try to pay our attention to the students’ category by providing all programs and services that meet their needs in all areas and at all levels.
Abu Samra also thanked the University College, the Islamic University and AlOmmeh university and all their staff for their constant cooperation and praised their role in the success of these evenings, as he had promised to provide all the services available to help faculty and students to progress despite all the conditions and constraints.


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