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Jawwal decreases the international call rate to the Arab countries,Western Europe,United States and Canada

2009-12-16 - 12:33 GMT
Palestine Palestine

  • Jawwal decreases the international call rate to the Arab countries,Western Europe,United States and Canada

Palestine Cellular Communications Company “Jawwal”, one of “PALTEL” group companies, decreased the international call rate to the Arab countries, the United States, Canada and Western Europe, as part of its plan to provide the best and most appropriate prices for its customers to stay in touch with their families and loved ones abroad.

 Jawwal’s Marketing Director Mr. Maen Melhem clarified: “In order to facilitate the idea of discount and the new prices of the international calls for our customers, we divided the countries into geographical areas and unified the prices for each area. For example,for Postpaid subscribers the minute call rate to any Arab country is 1.85 NIS in peak time ,while 1.70 NIS in off-peak time, noting that prices exclude VAT.
Mr. Melhem also confirmed that this discount will be permanent reaching 50% and will include all prepaid subscribers of all plans, in addition to all postpaid subscribers.
Melhem clarified that the off-peak time starts from 11:00pm till 8:00am including all Fridays. He added, “The decreasing time has been identified according to a deep study aimed to analyze the capacity of the network at different times. We strive to take advantage of our network the best way to provide the best coverage and maximum benefit to the subscriber”.
Melhem also promised the customers to continue providing better services in terms of quality and prices, he said: "Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the best services according to their needs, as we always offer them different campaigns. Our customers’ satisfaction is our most prized possession ... we promise that we’ll always continue in this approach.



Jawwal worked tirelessly to build the first Palestinian GSM network and managed to make its first call in 1999.The Communications system in Palestine is the most developed in the Middle East,the system consists of...

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