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Syriatel sponsors for the second consecutive year the youth project Work Plan Program for top achievers

2010-01-04 - 08:34 GMT
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Syriatel sponsors for the second consecutive year the youth project Work Plan Program for top achievers

Considering the necessity of supporting the community and of serving its interests, Syriatel gives great importance to social responsibility and always seeks to contribute to its development by sharing its cadres’ experience and by participating in various activities. Indeed, Syriatel is sponsoring for the second consecutive year the youth project “Work Plan Program” for top achievers at Bassel School by welcoming the students and introducing them to the company’s departments throughout the provinces.
Work Experience is one of “Shabab’s” project programs aiming at making a positive impression on youth of the business world as well as its diversified domains in Syria. It contributes to providing youth with a practical experience of the work atmosphere and of the qualifications needed to enter the work market.
The students’ visit to Syriatel gave them an overview of the company as well as its departments, organizational structure and laws. Considering that Syriatel Company has achieved an ISO certification, the services it offers, and to which it introduced the students, are the best according to world quality norms.

The students participating in the project expressed their admiration for Syriatel and its organization, whereas they gained more experience from their visit to Syriatel with regard to working in private companies, especially that the company is extremely organized. Moreover, their visit provided them with further information and new skills that will help them build their own businesses in the future.


Syriatel (Arabic: سيريتيل‎) is a privately owned telecommunications company founded in 2000. Syriatel controls 55% of the local mobile telecommunication services market and has the largest subscriber base...

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