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Zain Continues its Tour in the South

2010-06-03 - 02:38 GMT
Jordan Jordan

  • Zain Continues its Tour in the South

The Zain executive team, headed by CEO Dr. Abdul Malek Al Jaber continued their tour in the south and met with several officials at public and private economic institutions in Aqaba. 

Al Jaber met with Director General of Aqaba Ports Corporation Awwad Maaytah, who briefed him on the development process the corporation followed during the past stage at the level of enhancing human capabilities.

He added that around 3,450 employees work at the corporation, stressing the corporation’s keenness to rehabilitate and train them in an aim to increase their productivity.

He also highlighted the corporation’s efforts to develop the infrastructure at the port through several investment projects listed in its plan for 2009. He also said the corporation was supplied with latest equipment and techniques that helped maintain high rates of productivity.

He added that the increased productivity reflected on the corporation’s revenues as they stood at JD51 million in 2009, increasing by 16 percent from the expected revenues of that year. In spite of the crisis, the corporation succeeded in making JD14.5 million as financial surplus.

Al Jaber underlined the importance of Aqaba port as the main and only marine route in Jordan, referring to its role in the economic development and in supplying the treasury as it is owned by the government and run by private sector mentality.

Al Jaber added that Zain is committed to pushing the economy forward and enhancing it in Jordan. He added that as the telecommunications services increase the process of communication between people and increase their productivity exactly like other services such as transport.

Arab Maritime Bridge Company Director General Nabil Lutfi said the company celebrated lately its silver Jubilee and increased its capital to $75 million, which increased its capability to make many achievements that reflected on profits and assets. He added that the company succeeded in enhancing joint Arab action as it is owned by Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

AL Jaber commended the performance of the Aqaba Ports Corporation and said the joint Arab action and the joint Arab investments are still below the desired levels. He added that it is not too late as there are several joint Arab projects in the field of economy announced every now and then.

He added that Zain is one of these examples as it was first started from Kuwait with Jordan being its first location for expansion followed by an ambitious regional plan launched by the group.

Zain’s south tour also covered the Industrial Complex for Fertilizers, where Zain delegation visited met with complex CEO Najib Al Sheeikh, whoe reviewed the phases of development of the complex. During the visit, Al Jaber stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation between the different economic institutions, saying the tour is meant in this regard as Zain check on the needs of the different segments of the community and benefiting from its solutions for the sector of business and individuals.

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