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VIVA Jusoor Launches Autism Support Campaign for the 2nd year

2012-04-02 - 10:26 GMT
Bahrain Bahrain

Mobilk - VIVA Bahrain, through its corporate social responsibility program "VIVA Jusoor", announced the launch of its campaign to support autistic children for the second consecutive year to mark the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day. The campaign aims to build bridges between segments of society to provide specialist educational support for autistic children from needy families as well as raise awareness through the media. 


Commenting on the campaign, Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA CEO said, "We are proud to announce the continuation of the campaign we launched last year to support children with autism and to spread awareness about the disorder. We need to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and proper intervention in order to be able to overcome it. Through this program, members of the community with special needs will be able to build bridges between them and the community. The support will inspire them to hope and look forward to a better future.”


Autism is one of three diseases of concern to the United Nations as has been issued for its global repercussions and the amount of effects on communities it has. The rapid speed of Autism’s spread in the world and the importance of early screening and education to reduce the factors require major public awareness.


One in every 110 children has Autism and 90% of those do not receive proper education. It is worth mentioning that autism is a disorder affecting the brain and hence the childs ability to adapt and communicate with the outside world, it evolves negatively over time if not addressed at a young age.


Autism appears during the first three years of the childs age and lasts a lifetime. It has been proven through research that intensive training programs are crucial in reaching practical results leading to a life of more independence and productivity.


Last year, VIVA opened the door for its customers to take part in supporting the education of autistic children via SMS text messaging with donations deposited to Alia School for Early Intervention for the education of needy children with autism. This year, the campaign continues and it will start from the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, 2012. 


To contribute with the amount of one dinar, VIVA customers can send the number "1" via SMS to the number 98992.


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