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MTN Yemen the official sponsor of the collective Yemeni wedding

2010-01-04 - 09:54 GMT
Yemen Yemen

MTN Yemen the official sponsor of the collective Yemeni wedding

Following its belief in the importance of sharing the community’s joy, MTN Yemen was the official sponsor of the collective Yemeni wedding organized by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) and that took place in Sana’a City Hall.   The wedding that brought together 90 groom and brides to a life of love and harmony, allowed MTN to bring joy to the hearts of over 3 thousand attendees.

The media, public audience, bride and groom’s families and officials marked the wedding by their presence; especially Mr. Lawzi Al Wazir, the Minister of Communication, Mr. Fadila Al Kadi, Minister of Justice, the judge Hammoud Al Hater and a number of ministries.   Also was present Mr. Naser Taha Moustafa, the agency director in addition the delegate of the Yemeni journalists.

The Agency director and many of the speakers at the event described MTN Yemen as the “company with the white handâ€‌ for supporting those couples to complete the joy of their relationship by getting married.   Mr. Hussam Saad, the Chief Executive of the company and Mr. Malk Bassam Alkoussa, the director of Public Relations at MTN and a number of MTN employees were present at the ceremony which added a friendly and sociable ambience.   Mr. Saad stressed that “MTN Yemen works continuously in contributing to social event and charity work whether organized by Saba or others such as this collective wedding.   The company gives out from its own financial benefits to ease the suffering of the youth.â€‌

MTN Yemen also offered the couples a mobile phone with an MTN line which, besides its sponsorship to the event, was highly appreciated by the officials and families of the brides and grooms.
MTN has in fact sponsored many collective weddings from which we count a collective wedding for 1000 bride and groom in the capital of Sana’a and of 800 in Hadramout.


MTN Yemen

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