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MTN sponsors the first social responsibility conference

2010-01-04 - 09:57 GMT
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MTN sponsors the first social responsibility conference

In its continuous effort to support various social events and community activities, MTN sponsored the first social responsibility conference held by the research consumer center and in collaboration of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

The conference that took place at the Mأ¶venpick Hotel in Sanaa on the 29th and the 30th of October 2008 was held under the slogan of “Social Responsibility … Or Voluntary Action and National Dutyâ€‌.  It mainly aimed to promote the free economy concept and the social responsibility of the Yemeni companies, besides contributing in the prosperity of the Yemeni companies, their revenue, continuity and survival.

The conference was remarkably attended by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Yehyi Al Moutawakkil, in addition to many ministries and institutions representatives.

The event agenda included many subjects divided mainly to two work sheets, the first including companies sociable responsibility and studies between reality and law and the second about social economy and the difference between theory and practice; in addition to the nation’s and private sector’s responsibility in achieving its objective.  On this behalf, MTN Yemen was picked between the largest private sector’s companies to share its story of success in community support with officials and attendees.

The working sessions included many subjects such as standards, social responsibilities, managers’ values and their reflection on the staff’s social objective, the nature of social responsibility in crisis times, the media role in promoting corporate, private and public social responsibility, etc…

The MTN work sheet presentation came during the second conference day under the name of: “MTN social work experienceâ€‌.  The sheet, that astonished the attendees by the outstanding efforts and hard work of the company to serve the society, represented the effort of the private sector in meeting social responsibilities while screening MTN’s vision in social work and the steps the company took to meet its vision.  The sheet also included a review of a series of social and charitable events such as the two 21 days campaigns of MTN for the years 2007 and 2008 and the impressive results of these operations.  MTN’s charitable institution was also a focus point of the conference that was closed by a photographic movie of the most important events of the year.


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