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MTN group acquires the title of the best telecommunication company this year

2010-01-04 - 10:17 GMT
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MTN group acquires the title of the best telecommunication company this year

MTN acquired the title of the best telecommunication company this year so superior to all competitors in the field of communications.
On this occasion, the award was presented in the city of London, by the "Business Council of the States of Alkmonolt" in the context of the business awards in the African continent, and in recognition of the role of the company's performances in the field of communications and influential role in the economic and social work in general.

This award is granted to companies in Africa in recognition of their contributions to the development of emerging markets and to achieve continued strong performance in terms of sales, profits and capital growth and the extent of its commitment to the concept of good corporate citizenship.

In addition, the award is recognition of and appreciation for the efforts of the business community and the African role in the area of social responsibility and economic services provided by local communities and the achievement of equality between the sexes, as well as enhance the protection of the environment.

In addition that Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, board chairman of the MTN Group President and CEO of Shanduka has won the award for leadership in business this year at the same occasion.
MTN is proud of the company access to the award, which comes in recognition of the role and impact of the company in the telecommunications industry in Africa and emerging markets. This is due to the leadership of the great success of the company and its employees and all customers.


MTN Yemen

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