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Alcatel-Lucent participated at Zains conference with a wide variety of solutions and demos demonstrating..

Etisalat, the leading mobile telecommunications operator in the Middle East , Asia and Africa , has successfully..

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a division of Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU), will have an increased presence..

Alcatel has announced it is entering the PDA market with the prepay Tribe handset..

   mobile phone brands

Huawei (256)

Samsung (776)

Alcatel (249)

LG (369)

Nokia (401)

HTC (186)

Asus (88)

Acer (85)

Sony (95)

APPLE (58)

Sagem (119)

Vertu (14)

VK (31)

HP (40)

Sharp (42)

Maxon (31)

Amoi (47)

Haier (14)

BenQ (31)

Sendo (19)

Eten (22)

Telit (30)

SEWON (25)

Bosch (10)

Bird (14)

Palm (15)

DELL (15)

WND (5)

Be (5)

Qtek (21)

Mitac (10)

NEC (15)

MWG (5)

INQ (5)

O2 (0)


Total : 249


Black, Cherry red, Pure white
Black, Red
Black, Red
Dark Grey, Deep Red
Black, Deep red, Gray blue
Black, Deep red, Gray blue
Dark gray, Deep red
Silver, Cherry red
1.3 MP,
Pure White, Lavender
Black, Apple Green, Orange
Grey, Deep Red
Grey, Deep Red, Orange, Apple Green
Grey, Deep Red
Metallic Blue, Silver, Acid Green
Grey, Orange, Red, Green
Grey, Orange, Red, Green
Titanium Grey, Metallic Pink &
White, Blue

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© 2023 All rights reserved.
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