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Another once-exclusive iOS app has now joined the Android family. The Sonos Controller app lets owners control any of the Sonos network audio..

In the world of big-time lawsuits, this must be just about the biggest. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has sued Samsung Electronics..

Nokia today announced photorealistic 3D models of metropolitan areas for the web version of Ovi Maps. This immersive and free feature adds a new..

Research In Motions PlayBook went on sale in the United States and Canada on Tuesday in a launch the company hopes will win customers away from..

Looks like somebody pulled the trigger on an order page for the mythical white iPhone 4 a little early over at Three UK. The phone that had..

Are you ready for a scorching-fast future? Samsung sure is, as today the Maeli Business Newspaper reports a high-ranking company official has..

To date, weve heard scant few details about the next-generation iPhone, except for a rumor that it may or may not have a bigger screen, and that it..

After using the iPad 2 for a few weeks, I can now say the upgrade was worth it. Even waiting in line with the huddled Los Angeles masses, yearning..

Rumor has it that HP is preparing to enter the cloud-based music storage fray. A reader at PreCentral sent in what purports to be a confidential..

There are iPhone cases that protect the world-changing devices from sledgehammer blows. There are cases that act as backup batteries. There are..

If you can accept what were about to tell you as rumor, and nothing more, then wed like to let you in on the latest scuttlebutt surrounding Nokias..

Hurt by demand for the iPad and other electronic gadgets, PC shipments around the world dropped by 1.1 percent in the first quarter, according to..

By now you have no doubt read or at least heard about the New York Times interview where RIM s co-CEOs wound up asking most of the questions and..

It is not exactly difficult to put into words what the Kyocera Echo is -- its a dual-screened Android phone, after all -- but its a wee bit more..

Apple just announced Final Cut Pro X at NAB, and Chief Architect of Video Applications Randy Ubillos is demonstrating a beta release as we speak. The..

We have not heard much about Hannspree 10.1-inch HSG1164 tablet since it turned up at the FCC back in December, but a seemingly identical SN10T1..

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