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Nokia today announced that it has launched the Nokia Warranty Hotline in the UAE. This new telephone hotline provides customers with the chance to..

Two rather popular smartphones in the both ends of the market spectrum - the Nokia X6 and the Nokia 5230 have just got some serious software updates..

Motorolas financial results are out - the mobile phone division is still in the red zone but theres a noticeable improvement over last years. And..

Nokia cant help but keep us busy this week. Not that we mind it. Keep the new devices coming! The company has just announced their latest..

The Samsung Galaxy family welcomes a new member - the Samsung M100S Galaxy A. Like its siblings, its an Android handset with OLED screen but also..

Its official - Nokia unveiled their new flagship, the Nokia N8. With 12MP camera and 720p video recording, the latest handset from the Finnish..

A week ago, two China-bound Motorolas popped up in spy shots - now, one of them reappeared in much better shots and revealed some specs. The Motorola..

Two new BlackBerry smartphones are coming right next month. The candybar duo Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G leaves the old-fashioned trackball in favor of..

Theres quite a storm brewing over at Dell - starting with the Dell Lightning, a killer-specced Windows Phone 7 device. A 4.1" OLED screen and 1GHz..

Motorola covertly dropped six low end phones - so covertly, that five of those dont even have photos. These phones aim for affordability rather than..

The Ascent lineup of Vertu luxury phones is about to be updated. Unusually rich in features, the Ascent X packs GPS, 32GB storage and a 5 megapixel..

After the Fennec, the mobile version of Mozillas Firefox web browser, Nokia N900 users can now enjoy the Google Chrome running on their Maemo-based..

Sagem and Puma unveiled their first phone only a couple of months back but, apparently, the Puma Phone 2 (or whatever it name will turn out to be) is..

The LG GD880 was announced a few days before this years MWC and now its ready to head for the stores. By the way: did you know that this is the first..

According to the HTCs financial report for the first quarter of 2010 the company is doing quite well. Theyve announced approximately 1.2 billion US..

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 received the planned MR1 software update, which should bring Windows Mobile 6.5.2 to the experienced messenger. The..

In case you have missed it, Nokia added free voice-guidance to their Ovi maps SatNav application at the start of this year. The only problem was that..

Some more specs of the rumored Nokia N8 were uncovered. What is said to be Nokias first 12MP cameraphone leaked through an XML on the companys..

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