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News that the iPhone will not be reaching the dealer channel in time for Christmas would be a blow to sales, some independent dealers said this..

It seems that the LG GW620 just got outed (exclusively in Canada for the time being) as the LG Eve. We guess Eve will just be a regional naming..

Telefónica O2 Germany is to buy Telecom Italia's German subsidiary Hansenet for €900 million (£807m). ..

HTC HD2 has already started making its way out the HTC doors, so you should be seeing it on your local shop window some time really soon. That is if..

Motorola has announced Q3 sales of $5.5 billion (£3.34), down from $7.48 million in the same quarter last year. However the company has reduced the..

Nokia have just announced their latest handset, the Nokia 6788. This is company’s first TD-SCDMA compatible mobile phone. That abbreviation stands..

HTC has launched its biggest ever re-branding and advertising campaign and will also launch its devices into the Irish market..

Motorola obviously are expanding their Android portfolio in all directions with China being one of them. The leaked images of a prototype called..

Nokia last week admitted to issues with the N97, but insisted the N97 Mini will be “bug free” from launch. ..

A leaked Toshiba roadmap several months back mentioned several new smart devices planned. Up until now we had no idea how they would look, but..

Sports brand Puma has signed a license agreement with ODM manufacturer Sagem to produce a branded mobile phone in Q2 2010 prior to the football World..

The new BlackBerry 9700 Onyx handset is to launch in November, Mobile News understands...

LG is trying to build on the success of the LG KP500 Cookie and have announced the LG GD510 Pop to do just that. They advertise it as the most..

Alcatel has announced it is entering the PDA market with the prepay Tribe handset..

We've just spotted some new images of the getting more and more popular HTC Pro Three (also known as Leo). Even if most of its specs are known since..

Samsung has unveiled the Genio Touch. It was launched at an event last night by girl band The Saturdays as it hit the shops in the UK..

Samsung surely haven't gone out of their way to popularize that one, but we just stumbled on some pretty interesting version of the highly popular..

Let's face it, Palm and their WebOS-driven Pre never really took off on our side of the Big Pond but that's simply because they went for a CDMA radio..

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